A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 3 Destruction Alliance updates


Destruction is about to show some of the best miniatures seen so far in the painting campaign. Brace yourselves!

Alliance Destruction Checkpoint 3


The general of Destruction, his martial prowess has kept him at the top of his class. Still leading with 580 points painted, and of course, Checkpoint 3 approved!

Here is his whole army in all its glory:

Amazing stuff! Check out the rest of his gallery:

Apart from all these pictures, he left us a great gift, in the form a super instructive ‘gif’ image. [Click on it if you don’t see the changes] Check it out!

Mommel performed some final changes to his list before the dreaded Checkpoint 3. Quite a relief for him as he was planning to paint an Aleguzzler Gargant and that may have been too much!

But Mommel would not part without the next chapter in his amazing story. Check it out!

Master Baksi strolled along the devastated city filled with corpses, carefully trying not to sept on any piece of rock or ground, always making sure his steps were comfortable. So did Baksi wander among the ruins of cities: typical quirks of a leader.

In the distance he spotted a gathering of his best warriors, the Ardboys, who shouted and applauded and formed a great scandal, around another larger ork that protruded above their heads. As he approached, he hard him singing with a powerful and unpleasant voice: he had thus been given a great gift, and the beat of two great bones against an armour (with a human still inside), he sang to the joy his companions as he named them one by one:

“Toohtless butchers woman head
then laughs again and again
husband’s watching
and’s killed with her!”

“Morrak Cyclopeye grabs baby
little, pink and cozy it is
throws it very high, and then falls
once in ground it kicks ‘im ‘ard!”

“Ssrak Onehand steps on ‘eads
left and right and back again
may that be the children of men,
Ssrak steps on animal’s as well!”

“Jork Bonzo Jorkman broke his drumz
did you see how he had it fixed?
He put ‘is maze on some scared fella
and made new one with ‘is ‘kin ripped!”

With each one, the group interrupted in shouts and celebrations, and the named one was congratulated with joy by its actions. Seeing Master Baksi, however, they all fell silent as a sign of respect and stepped aside to allow the singer companion to pass, just in case he wanted to punch him. Nobody wanted to be in the way of the Big Master.

To the surprise of all, who were waiting for Master Baksi’s great axe to finish right there with all thisamusement, he turned to the big bone lad:

– Make good song of Great Master Baksi. Now.

Far from being frightened, he began to beat with his great bones the (now broken) torso of the dead soldier while he sang:

“Yezterday we zaw great battlez
blood and bone and lotz of gore
Sunz Zet clan warrioz are bezt
big Bozz they could be of the rezt
but of all the Orkz that here fought
one waz the bezt of them all
he had great axe, gave kill to more
bodiez of men were all he looked for
He faced armiez all by himzelf
hundredz of men ran like gay elf
it waz leader Baksi, known for ever after
az Death of Human, GREAT CHIEF MASTER!”

With a large BOOM of his two large bones hitting at once the destroyed human body, he finished his song. Suddenly there was a great silence , for he had changed the name of the Master Chief without his permission and that could only end in death. However, Baksi burst out into loud laughter and applause:

– Uhm…HA HA HA HA HA! GREAT CHIEF MASTER! YAZZZ! HA HA HA HA! Me likez, me likez good! You be now War Singer of Great Chief Master Baksi, you now sing great battlez of Sunz Zet. Talk to Mikel Azkel for great Singer Armour and muzic axe, bonez you have are like cow feet, now you do music with human corpse. Me likez… ME LIKEZ! HA HA HA HA! Well done. You be Orruk Pavarrokki now!

The now Great Chief Master Baksi left, leaving amongst cheers and celebrations from his good soldiers, while Orruk Pavarrokki began another song. Twisting a corner, a flock of sheep in pink flames appeared out of nowhere and ran terrified in panic and pain. Behind it, out of the shadows, an Orruk appeared dressed in rags and a large stick with a huge skull of Orruk in it spitting multicoloured fire in the direction of other sheep. The Orruk looked at him with huge red eyes and came up with twisted, spasmodic gait. His body was painted as if his skeleton was visible, and with every step the skulls and pieces of orange armor he wore hanging from his ragged clothing clattered sinisterly. He was the Shaman of the army of the Great Chief Master Baksi, Chez Ramzi. Even amongst the Orruks, he was considered a madman. In a high-pitched, shrill voice, he turned to Baksi as he pointed with a twisted finger:

– Ahhhhhhhh Great Chief Master now huhhhh, yez yez… of courz!
– Greetingz Chez Ramzi, what biznez have you?
– Ahhhhhhhhhh hahahaha! Ramzi looking for important thing, for Baksi! -the Shamn was the only one that did not have to call him using his complete title.
– What you look for? Burnt sheep?
– No, no…-his voice turned into serious tone-. Something very important for you, you need more warriorz, more strong, more ‘ard, more fazt… were do you see burnt sheep?

His voice shifted again to a shrill high-pitched tune as he laughed out loud. He pointed his finger at Baksi as he danced in circles and his skull flashed a pink, orange, red and purple glow, and sparks of many colours jumped and danced around him . Baksi turned and saw the sheep dissolving into the pink fire in a blinding flash. He covered his eyes, and when he looked back, there were half a hundred gigantic Boars, with pink eyes like Ramzi’s flames.

– What is this Ramzi?
–  what is what? what is Ramzi? weeeeeeeeee hahahahaha -Ramzi’s laughter echoed in the destroyec houses while he left talking to himself shaking his stick.
– Shamanz… be bezt you uze thoze boarz

Far away he strolled singing and arguing with himself…

– Where will it go, where did it go, the group I found, if they like death, I will give them fun… ughh… I don’t like fizh. Who is fizh? You fizh! Me fizh? We will dry! Letz go to the river! I saw them there… yez, yez… I zmell fizh now… fizh… and zomething elze?

The Diary of Grand Master Chief Baksi, Volume IV, pgs. 18-33

So now Mommel’s Orruks are heading straight to Checkpoint 4. Does anyone have doubts about him making it to the end?


Our good old Norberto also managed to paint the remaining of the mandatory 500 points this month.

Take a look at the whole army!

Let’s see what he has to say for himself.

Last month I managed to complete the largest part of it, but I still had to paint the two chiefs of my army: Skarsnik and Azagh.

It was a challenge to paint them, because this past month I was also tangled with my entry to the Warcrow, so I did not have a minute to spare.

Both miniatures are from the “Citadel Finecast” line. Shameful models, my god. I am amazed that GW still keeps them in their catalogue, because its quality, as we know, is the worst thing that there has ever been in the market.

Anyways, these were the miniatures chosen and had to prepare them for painting.

Skarsnik was fun to paint, and I opted for a scheme just like the boxart. Despite the poor quality of the material, I am happy with the result.

Azagh was another story. For days I was pondering on the scheme to choose, especially with regards to the snake he rides, and finally I decided to follow the boxart too, but with some nuances in the green of the lizard. As you can see, it’s a colder green than the one I’m applying to green skins.

Here’s more pictures of details from the rest, already painted!

Regarding my army so far, I am happy and as of today I have already begun working in the diorama that will serve as the base for it all.

See you at the next checkpoint!

And thus, his roster still looks like this:

Amazing work by Norberto, the whole army looks amazing and very coherent with those bases! And great effort on those nasty Finecasts. Let’s see how he manages to continue with this great army, one of the most numerous of all the Warlords.


Until now, Lucas had only showed us some conversions he made at the very beginning. We doubted he could overcome the terrible Checkpoint 3. And then suddenly, this happened.

Hello! In the end, since I didn’t have enough time to finish the other units, I changed the order and I had to paint this little one first.

It has certainly been a great step forward for me because it has been 5 years at least since the last time I painted something. Therefore I want to thank all my colleagues in this campaign to encourage me to do it (I finally had to finish it ‘in extremis’!).

Regarding the conversion job:

I changed the head of the beast with a mix of the bone jaw from the plastic giant, the estegadon, and parts of the original head.

The Megaboss had to have a heroic and savage pose with both axes in the air and screaming, with the cape in the air. I modelled the cape and I gave him bare feet (I want all them barefoot!).

At the end of the painting process, I decided to add some feathers, some more teeth, and more widely open eyes.

As to the painting, I prioritized colour above all.

I decided that the colour scheme of the army would be turquoise, a not very common seen colour in orruks, and that contrasts well with green skins, apart from contrasting with the desert base.

And that is all… I suppose there’s nothing wrong in showing a sneak peek of what’s coming next…

I hope you like it!

And thus Lucas has personified in this Checkpoint exactly what we love the most about this hobby. Amazing ideas, unique conversions and mind blowing paintjobs. AMAZING!

His list has suffered some technical changes of course:

We can’t wait to see some more colour on the rest of Lucas’ army. With his latest burst of motivation, we are sure he will make it to the end!


Berek has stood out as the worst performer of the campaign. In this Checkpoint, he still is, and even though he reports achieving the minimum points to pass Checkpoint 3, he has held on to the #armandarazo doctrine to leave his miniatures half finished.

Let’s see what he has to show for himself:

Alright! We got to Checkpoint 3 and we passed with a C-, and all thanks to the #armandarazo doctrine (the bases are just half way through, unpainted and all) [a big hug to you Armando!]

Not even in black bases huh? Ok…

I don’t know how much the bets against me were being paid at this point, but I’m sure someone must have made a lot of money thanks to me. [please remember to share that reward with me 😉 ]

I’ll be honest, the painting is very bad, but I wanted to put some drama in the campaign after the fall of Mr. X. We need some uncertainty moving forward, maybe I can be the next one to fall, or not! This was also an exercise to prove that you can paint a mini-army in just about three days.

Three days? OK, now we understand it.

I just want to add that there is stll much to show from now on, don’t just keep this sad finish in your minds because there will be time in the future to go back and retouch some parts, maybe not relying on the last minute this time, and finishing everything I need to paint for the second part. I may have more problems focusing if I don’t paint them all in a row like this time… let’s wait until the end and see if I manage to make it or not. XD

Only the Tyrant seems to have a base as of now. The rest could use some terrain to step on. But since the #armandarazo doctrine works this Checkpoint 3, Berek made it to the next round.

But with that ‘TO BE DETERMINED’ for the second part of the campaign, and late minute paintjobs… will Berek make it to the end?

What a journey so far for the Destruction boys. We promised you amazing miniatures and I think they have fulfilled their duty, by far.

Just one Alliance to finish the Checkpoint 3 review now, stay tuned!

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