Imperial Knights: Renegade, Games Workshop


Today, thanks to the colaboration with Metropolis Comics, we bring you one of the latest big releases from Games Workshop in the Warhammer 40k world, the ‘Imperial Knights: Renegade’.


The new kit (it’s a full game) comes in the usual GW box in products of this size, a bit oversized in height. Considering the amount of sprues that come inside, it is totally understandable.

2016-05-29 23.37.04

We miss some kind of protection between the matrices. Judging by the weight and quantity of them, if the box were to be damaged some of the smallest pieces could fall off.

2016-05-29 23.34.06


In the box we find 2 Imperial Knights (the Warden version and the Paladin version), with a ‘Basilica’ sprue as scenery, and a transfer sheet to paint them either in the Imperial or Renegade way. Of course, there are also bases and a rulebook of the game, with everything necessary, including the dice, to play with these rules focused on a duel between Imperial Knights.

Let’s go into detail about the interesting part: the miniatures and sprues in detail.

There are 9 sprues in total:

2016-05-29 23.42.15

2016-05-29 23.44.05

2016-05-29 23.45.05

The quality of the bits is the usual for GW plastic products: the best you can get in detail and toughness. Guaranteed quality.


Considering the price of the box (165€), we have two espectacular models. The box means saving 40% of the price if the Knights were bought separately.

PROS: The savings of buying them in one box, and the quantity of bits you get for the money. Also, it’s a full game!
CONS: It is still quite a big purchase despite the savings.

You can find your box of ‘Imperial Knights: Renegade’ in your usual GW retailer.

Sculpting detail
Poses and expressions
Pieces and assembly
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