A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 6 Chaos Alliance updates


With or without #armandogate the End Times are here… I mean… the end of A Tale of 12+1 Warlords!

Time for Chaos!

Alliance Chaos Checkpoint 6


He is the Warlord that basically… vini, vidi, vinci… and then dissappeared.

Javi, aka El Herrero (‘The Blacksmith’), basically bored us all very much. Main character in that movie… what was its name… oh yes, ‘The Man Who Put Horses to Sleep’.


There you go: dèja vu.

Hello!! It’s been a long time since I last gave signs of life, and as you can imagine, the reason was not that I was painting like a madman. xD

Having finished the campaign I would like to take this opportunity to make a small reflection on how it was done.

It was the first time that several of us put ourselves to paint an army, and without a doubt the great majority is not accustomed to it, of course this has become obvious. It is difficult to maintain the motivation to paint for so long the same minis again and again, surely the big problem is that almost no one here is a gamer, and playing is a big enough incentive to get you to paint.

Some have suffered more than others, and yes, I include myself among those who have fallen into apathy … I have not painted for months. The only thing that has kept me within the deadlines, is that I finished during the first month and a half due to the huge hype, and the goal that I set to paint about 2000-2500 points. For this I decided to sacrifice quality and gain speed, but in the end I ended up with an army of less quality than my colleagues, and with just 1500 points completed, a total failure for me… xD Next time I will not fall into this trap!

In spite of everything, it has been a tremendous success group-wise, and there have been a lot of laughs and a lot of fun, (if only you could see the whatsapp group the final hours of some checkpoints … with people delivering photos in the last minutes, with the paint still wet), a very rewarding experience in general and that I recommend without a doubt to any group of gamers.

I leave the photos here, although everything was already seen in the photos of 4 months ago. Thanks to all of you who have left us encouraging comments throughout the campaign, they have been a great incentive 🙂

Sorry for the quality and light of the photos, I swear I’ve tried to improve, but of course I’ll have to hire some of my colleagues to take them!

Regards and until next time!!!

Oh, wow! Javi has finished the Tale!

Can I go now?


You didn’t expect this, right?

Logically, since Phobos’ progress bar has not changed a bit in the past 3 months, Tzeentch is not at all happy.

Mega fail for Phobos. After painting the big chicken we expected more from him. But oh well…


¡Rock and Blood!

If we could trust someone to get to his point, that was Armando. Khorne must be eating Phobos’ chickens to celebrate!

It’s over. After 6 monhts, the Tale is over.

Honestly, I was looking forward to the end, but on the other hand… no. I enjoyed it so much the whole campaign, painting the Khorne army, watching it grow slowly. I enjoyed it even more because of sharing it with my colleagues, that even though some could not make it to the end, they have always been there, supporting the rest (or maybe not so much… hahaha)

For me, painting a full army was a huge experience. I have never challenged myself with something like this and getting here is a great achievement. In the last few months some things popped up that prevented me from dedicating much time to the campaign and there were moments when I was about to quit. But I finished!

For this last Checkpoint (better then, the last 2 Checkpoints) I painted the units that remained to complete the 1010 points.

The Wrathmongers on one side.

The Slaughterpriest

And finally the Mighty Skullcrushers

As I said from the beginning of the Tale, it is a pleasure to paint these figures. I love the level of detail they have and I could add a thousand more things to the painting, but since the Tale is not about that, and there is not enough time, that’s how they will stay. There are still things that I will retouch to leave them as I really wanted them to be, like outlining the metals so that highlights shine more, final touches in armour … but well, that will be later.

The Khorne army will continue to grow. Definitely. There are more units that I would like to paint for it, like the Skullreapers, the Bloodletters or the very own Archaon. Everything will come. But now it’s time to change. Do different things, and gather strength for the next Tale…

Hey, those non-black bases by Armando are so cool!

Long live the #armandogate!

With or without it, we have to give Armando the great work he has done in the Tale, and the great result of the army. He gets the trophy for being the most regular by far! Well done Armando!

And this is what the loyal servants of the Dark Gods have done. Javi and Armando have finished and they are the candidates for Chaos to the best Warlord of the campaign.

Phobos is now part of the list of the saddest Warlords ever. He earned it!

Which one is your favourite so far?

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