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Jason Statham’s clones

For the new ad campaign of LG, they created masks that were exact replicas of Jason Statham's face. The results are incredible. Another proof of...

Doughnuts, the final recipe

Did you think that after the 'cronut' there wasn't anything else you could get from this simple and delicious piece of dough with a...

Dawn of War III announcement trailer

Being as we are, huge fans of Warhammer 40k, this video is just nerdgasm at its best. I can't stop playing it! By the way,...

Dinosaurs in the 60’s cinema industry

Directly from the archives of the British Pathé, or "how would have Jurassic Park been if done in the '60s". Modelling dinosaurs for cinema.

The rarest pigments in the world

In the Harvard Art Museums you can find the pigments with the rarest colours in the world. With names such as Dragon's Blood or...

‘The Starry Night’ by Van Gogh

Painted from the window of the asylum 'Saint Paul de Mausole', the place where he was recluded after cutting his own ear. In this...

Super Mario Bros and Koji Kondo

We are inspired by the genial simplicity transformed into art by Mr. Kondo for Super Mario Bros.

Celebrate the day of the Force

My young padawans, today we celebrate the 'Day of the Force'. Honour the day with a gift to yourselves, here are some ideas. 'Death Star' cutting...

Sculptures for smoking

Whether you practice Gandalf's bad habit or not, this sculptor will blow your mind. SVpipedeing sculpts in wood marvelous smoking pipes to smoke or...

Michael Zajkov hyperrealism

Michael Zajkov sketches, models and paints hyperrealistic figures. He began working as a sculptor of theatre puppets, now sells his work to private collectors....
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