CMON announces Crystal Brush Asia 2023


After years of rumours talking about a revamped edition of Crystal Brush in Asia, it is finally here:

Crystal Brush is the flagship painting competition organized by CMON. It became very famous and celebrated mainly because of the fat cash prizes that were given away to the top three contenders, and attracted some of the best painters and sculptors of the miniature painting world.

All of its past editions were held in Chicago, during the Adepticon, having its last edition happening on the year 2019. After that last edition, Adepticon now hosts Golden Demon USA. Seems like Crystal Brush has sailed to the other side of the world, now to be held at CMON’s Game Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. Definitely CMON is doubling down on exploring the Asian market.

There is not that much time for November at this point, so let’s see how this first edition pans out in terms of attendance and projects. Also, we’re very curious to see the Asian miniature painting community stepping in.

For more information, stay tuned to CMON Expo socials.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you excited for the new Crystal Brush in Asia?

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