Announcing changes to Golden Demon 2024 categories


Golden Demon is back for 2024 and here we have the first announcements for the upcoming editions! This is all official information coming from Warhammer Community.

First, the date is confirmed for Golden Demon USA 2024, which will take place in the Adepticon, on March 20th.

The dates for the Golden Demon UK 2024 are still to be confirmed.

The most exciting news is coming from the new category setlist:

Important changes that we can summarize in:

  • 40k Monster and Vehicle are now one category (something we have seen in some Golden Demon editions in the past)
  • Diorama and Duel are now one category again
  • The Horus Heresy has now its own category
  • Warhammer Underworlds has now its own category
  • Necromunda category is back
  • Blood Bowl category is back
  • Small Scale is now called Epic Scale

If you were preparing entries based on last year’s bases, chances are this might affect your plans!

First conclusions that I draw from all this:

  • If you were preparing a Duel, you will be in mourning
  • If you are fans of AoS and Warhammer Underworlds, you now have many more opportunities to enter units and double the chances of winning demons with them (something that as the huge Underworlds fan that I am, makes me extremely happy)
  • There is never an easy category but there seem to be several categories that come up as great bets if you are Golden Demon strategists (Horus Heresy, Epic Scale, Blood Bowl, Necromunda all sound like very logical picks).

According to the article, everything indicates that these categories will also be valid in the UK.

Stay tuned for more news on Warhammer Community.

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