Golden Demon Classic 2017 rules updates and clarifications


Games Workshop has revealed this week the new rules for the Golden Demon Classic 2017.

Golden Demon Classic 2017 rules and clarifications
Check out the updates and clarifications here.

Seems like our good old friends from Nottingham have listened, once again, to the cries of Golden Demon fans all over.

For us, the most important change is this one:

The Golden Slayer Sword!

The Slayer Sword is the peak of miniatures painting awards, given to the painter of the one miniature judged to be the overall Best in Show. All Golden Demon painting competitions have very high standards, and their own challenges for the painters entering, so all feature a Slayer Sword.

As the Classic is felt by some to present a unique painting challenge, for your miniature to stand out among more categories and more entries, the Slayer Sword for this Golden Demon Classic 2017 will be a special Golden Slayer Sword!

So this means that the organization will now distinguish quite clearly between a Slayersword given at the mini Golden Demons, and the Sword given in the Golden Demon Classic 2017. The Classic one will be a Golden Sword!

imgresCertainly this opens a new era in the Golden Demon format, and clearly states the company’s will to continue investing in their legendary contest. Golden Demon Classic 2017 will now embrace the new Age (of Sigmar) and the new miniature lines and businesses the company is pursuing.

Check out in this link all the Golden Demon categories.

Golden Demon Classic 2017 rules and clarificationsYou can see there’s two new very interesting categories: Blood Bowl Team (11 miniatures!) and ‘Eavy Metal Master Painter. The first one is a great idea to boost the painting side of their famous fantasy american football game, relaunched for their business this past year. The other one is an old friend of Golden Demon fans. In Spain, we use to call that category ‘Gran Maestro’ (Grand Master). Basically everyone paints the same miniature, and the best painted wins. There’s no room for conversions or clever miniature picking. Pure skill and result will be the bar here. I love the idea, it’s so great they decided to bring it back!

There’s also other categories in the contest, but they are not defined as Golden Demon ones. They are considered especial categories, and will not enter the competition for the Golden Sword.

Another big change to notice is that the staff will no longer be picky with the size of the bases. This is great improvement as will leave a lot of room for participants to be creative.

demonHere at we see all of these changes as great news, and we are very happy with the new course taken by the English company nowadays. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Golden Demons returning to other countries in the future…

How about you? Are you happy with these changes? Will you be participating in Golden Demon: Classic? We want to hear all about it!

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  1. I think the proposed changes sound very bold and promising. This may prove interesting enough to draw even more top painters to this event.

    And I agree with you on that last point… I would love to see the Golden Demons back in some of the other countries around the world. Perhaps not to the extent where there were multiple Games Days in a single country (3 in the US?), because that tended to dilute the prestige of winning a Demon, but just enough Games Days internationally so that we will see some new talent and styles emerge from places far away from the UK.

  2. Sounds really interesting. I like the idea of including special cathegories. This will result in more individuality for each event. Maybe with changing ones every year?
    The idea of handing a golden sword on the classic event is really great, as it will make winning on that event more prestigous. Hopefully the sword will be a real sword, as its was a few years ago. A Slayers Axe would be a awesome trophy, me thinks…..

    GD UK is just to much trouble for me to travel to at the moment, but maybe there will be one in continental europe again. Why not with changing countries every year?


    • Hey Harald! Long time no see! How are you?
      Yeah, the idea of changing countries would be awesome… let’s see if in the future they want to bring back the GDs outside of the UK. For now it seems we can only hope…

  3. Pretty good, i would say. But family keeps me really really busy. 3 little kids are quite some trouble, as you can imagine.
    I am still painting a little, but only in high tabletop level, as i can´t pull of the motivation to work super concentrated on showcase stuff.
    But i the long term i want to change that. Maybe there will be even a trip to a GD in the future 🙂

    • Yeah, life and its modern day problems, 3 kids must be quite a time buster!!! 🙂 I hope that you can make some time and see you in a GD in the future, or any other event. I don’t have kids but I do have to face some time problems too……. I wish I had more!!!!


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