Introducing ‘The Warmaster’s Crusade’ – The 1,000 points Warhammer 40k painting challenge!


After the awesome time we had with A Tale of 12+1 Warlords, the painting group gathers again! It’s time for Warhammer 40k!

“In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war… and Warmasters!” (and also, Mariano)

The Rules

In the next 6 months, each Warmaster must build and paint an army of their choosing from Warhammer 40k 8th edition of 1,000 points.

At the beginning of each month, the Warmasters must report what was achieved up to that date (optionally with photos and/or a short description of what was achieved, or any other material of their choosing).

  1. Checkpoint 1 (April 2018)
  2. Checkpoint 2 (May 2018)
  3. Checkpoint 3 (June 2018)
  4. Checkpoint 4 (July 2018)
  5. Checkpoint 5 (August 2018)
  6. Checkpoint 6 (September 2018)
  • In Checkpoint 3 each warlord must show that they have painted at least 500 points. Those who failed in this task at the 3 month checkpoint will be eliminated from the challenge.
  • In Checkpoint 6 each participant will have to demonstrate the painting of a complete list of 1,000 points. Only those who made it to the end of the campaign will be submitted to the ruling of the audience who will determine which Warmaster did the best job, taking into consideration all aspects of their progress (overall work, quality of painting, monthly material shared, storyline…)

The Warmasters

And here are the contenders! We are sure you will recognise some of the guys… they used to be Warlords… now they want to become Warmasters!

Shame on those who didn’t even complete the challenge last time. Let’s see what puny excuse they can come up with this time around!

The Small Print

Because of the experience from the previous campaign, we added a Small Print section to the Rules, to avoid possible future arguments between Warmasters.

  • All armies must abide by the established rules in the Warhammer 40k 8th edition Rulebook and their costs of their respective codexes and supplements.
  • Army lists can vary in the campaign as long as there is always a common faction keyword to the whole list of troops.
  • Flexibility is allowed when representing troops, no strict compliance with WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) will be required. Coherence with the background or story within the Warmasters’ project that is being prepared within the campaign will also be encouraged.
  • Bases must be painted/modelled, that is, they can not be left in black plastic.
  • Extentions of dates or Checkpoints will not be accepted under any circumstances. Compliance with Checkpoints 3 and 6 is strict and material delivered after 23.59 of the deadline will not be accepted.
  • In case of change in the rules (rulebook/codex), each list creation or modification done must comply with the active ruleset at the moment of list creation or modification.
  • Any other case not listed here will be solved between Warmasters by showdown at dawn using bolter and chainsword, no power armours allowed.

Join us!

This campaign would not be possible without you, faithful readers of this humble website. Therefore, we would like you to join us in our crusade against the unpainted armies of the galaxy. It’s there perfect time to motivate yourself to follow along and paint an army for Warhammer 40k! Post your own progress on our facebook or commenting here in the website!

And if you feel the challenge is too big for you (boohoo) we will happy if you just follow our progress in these exciting six months. We are sure many great things will come out of this one, so stay tuned!

Coming up, presentations of the Warmasters’ projects!

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  1. Mmmm wondering about maybe a Frozen Khorne list playing heavily on a backward planet where they are more primitive and deamonic heavy…. Something that works between warlord and warmasters….

    • Of course! Just as I just commented below, the idea is that anyone who wants can follow along and join in with their list. If there is enough people we can actually post all your updates!

  2. Hi! There is a way to participate into the challenge? I need some motivation to force me to paint my Death Guard Army and this is a great opportunity. I have more than 1,000 points to paint but I can an adjusted list for the challenge.

    • Of course! The idea is that anyone who wants can follow along and join in with their list. If there is enough people we can actually post your updates in a separate post or something!


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