The Last Stand of the Crimson Fists by Volomir


Exactly 10 years ago today (July 4, 2010), I presented The Last Stand of the Crimson Fists. Can’t think of a better time to post this piece from the old blog. Brings back so many memories and great moments…

This is my first diorama, based on the 90s classic illustration by David Gallagher. Made entirely out of plastic Space Marine pieces, heavily transformed and studied to achieve the most resemblance possible to the original concept art, while maintaining an interesting composition in 360 degrees. Took more than 400 hours of work and 8 months hobby dedicated exclusively to it.

The scene won silver on one of the most difficult Diorama categories I’ve ever seen, in the Spanish GD 2010.

Dedicated to my Morsa family (Elías, Irene, Piti and Narnia). You guys made it possible.

Behind the scenes: Step by Step Article

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


  1. I fondly remember this piece! Great flashback into the old GD-times 🙂
    What about an uptdated version using Primaris Marines?

    • Thank you hrld!
      I have heard the Primaris recommendation in the past… can’t say I’m not tempted to do it… it’s an amazing concept that would very well benefit from a 10 year update!

  2. I’m sorry in advance ‘^^ : Half of those dead space marines were mast**bating 😀

    Very nice piece. It really look like a daylight version of the reference picture. You did an amazing(ly long) job posing those guys

  3. This work reminded me of Bill Horan’s Last Stand in Gandamak, of course … they are two completely different works, but the research, the setting of the scene and the dedication to making it and completing it can be similar. Well done Mate 👏🏻

    • Thanks Jakub!
      This was done 10 years ago so memory cannot be trusted fully for recipes. I believe red was mostly done with Scab Red (old Citadel), adding Space Wolves Grey (old Citadel) for the highlights and Chaos Black (old Citadel) for the shadows. Additional inks (Black Ink, Blue Ink) were added to add depth in shadows.

  4. Just amazing! My introduction to WH40K was in the form of a miniature catalogue in Toronto way back in 1999, and it was the beginning of a lifelong hobby. The Last Stand was the cover image, and it’s very nice to see such an homage to it in your diorama. For me this scene embodies 40K.


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