Do Not Miss 2016 Week 37


John has been working for quite a while on this Black Sailors diorama. The result is absolutely amazing!

Great miniature and idea by Roman Gruba. Miniatures can be a great canvas for poetry sometimes.

The series of busts from Game of Thrones by Nuts Planet grows with this ‘Queen of the North’ sculpted by Jun Sik Ahn.

Kabuki Models has just revealed that they will be producing in exclusive a model based on the legendary painting by Frank Frazetta, Death Dealer.

The film was quite bad to be honest, but the designs of the characters where quite good, and Knightmodels will release a whole pack with all the characters for their Batman Miniatures game. They look quite good!

Nocturna Models is making good progress on their Kickstarter! This is one of the new models revealed, Aileen. We will follow this campaign very closely, stay tuned for a special review we are preparing before the campaign is over!

David Powell shares his thoughts on painting eyes on busts in

Big Child is going to produce some of the miniatures designed for Rum&Bones in a new 75mm line. This is the good old Barracuda, now called ‘Mad Ivan’.

Big Child continues their line of Fantasy Football characters based on the Black Sailors. This is Grommarg the Ogre in 30mm.

3D printing is bringing great miniatures to smaller scales. The amount of detail that can be achieved now is overwhelming. Look at this Wizard that Acolyte Miniatures is preparing for this 32mm range.

Latest release on the Tiny Leads line, a wizard sculpted by Jonatan Monerris and painted by May Aguilar.

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