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At the moment of posting this, we are in the middle of the public voting period of the Everchosen: Games Workshop’s new painting competition. The initiative has certainly shaken the miniature world this summer, and has left no one indifferent (from the voting system, to the unknown limitations of the pictures posted online that have left many painters with little chances of proper scoring because of tiny photos).

Those of you who have already ventured into the web application to vote already know how much effort and time can be dedicated to this task. There are hundreds (literally, hundreds) of store winners all around the globe, and scrolling through the full gallery is no mere task that can take hours to complete.

Wow… we did it!

We have completed our quest to vote on all the participants and we have selected 25 of our favourites, so that if you don’t manage to have the time to complete the voting, or if you found the voting closed at the time of reading this article, at least you can feast on these great miniatures that are hidden in the depths of the Everchosen voting system. We strongly encourage you to spend the time as there are a ton of great models out there, but if you don’t have the time, we picked 25 for you. Seriously, there are amazing models in the contest that are not here, but did not want to overextend our selection (which is in no particular order by the way).

A feast for your eyes!

(All pics taken from cropped screenshots of the voting website. Some photos are indecently small but the limitations of the site have taken its toll on painters who chose landscape pictures).

Yohan – GW Nantes, France

Wei Jern – Warhammer Summerton, Malaysia

Trent – Warhammer Chermside, Australia

Thor – GW Central Avenue, United States

Stefan – Warhammer Göteborg, Sweden

Shinji – Warhammer Kobe-Sannomiya, Japan

Sascha – Fantastic Empire, Switzerland

Joan Carles – Warhammer Deu i Mata, Spain

Nicolas – Warhammer Paris Rue de la Cossonnerie, France

Mirko – Warhammer Milano, Italy

Maxime – Warhammer Paris Rue Lecourbe, France

Magnus – GW Stockholm, Sweden

Krzysztof – GW Warsaw, Poland

Cristian – Warhammer Palma, Spain

Jonathan – GW Antwerpen, Belgium

Johnny K S – Warhammer Morrison Hill, Hong Kong

Javier – Warhammer Zaragoza, Spain

Geordie – Castle of Games, United States

Daniel – Warhammer Chatswood, Australia

Conrad – GW Norwich, Great Britain

Chu Tuan – Empire Capital Shop, Vietnam

Christoph – GW Wienbahnhof, Austria

Angelo – GW Padova, Italy

Alessandro – Games Academy Legnano, Italy

And of course, we could not forget that our very own Volomir has also entered the competition…

Volomir – Warhammer Goya, Spain

You have until August the 31st to navigate through the plethora of amazing miniatures in the Everchosen contest. Use the chance while you can!

Volomir plans on posting bigger pics of ‘Averon Stormsire Inspired’ on this very same site (where else?), and a deep insight into the creation process: from idea, to conversion and painting.

Want to see more? Stay tuned!

Apasionado incondicional de nuestro hobby, Norberto Álvarez lleva desde los 11 años enamorado de las figuras y el modelismo estático. Nor es un colaborador activo y emprendedor de multitud de proyectos actuales relacionados con nuestra comunidad, aportando ideas, empuje y movimiento en las redes sociales e internet. Es un habitual en los eventos nacionales sea donde sea, abogando siempre por acompañar nuestro hobby de una buena cerveza entre amigos ;)

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