Announcing Everchosen: The Global Warhammer Painting Competition


Following the incoming release of their Contrast paints and their new fast way to paint “Battle Ready” models (cooler new way to say ‘tabletop’), Games Workshop has come up with a new competition to rival their legendary Golden Demon awards.

Games Workshop presents: Everchosen The Global Warhammer Painting Competition.

The idea was announced right after the Golden Demon ceremony at the UK Warhammer Fest 2019. Now that the idea becomes much clearer, it seems Games Workshop wants to bring back to life their GW store painting competitions.

Read on to the Warhammer Community site article where they provide a detailed description of the contest. But don’t forget to pay attention to the details, especially the Everchosen category, which is where the real juice can be found. Extracted from their article:

On Saturday the 27th of July, Warhammer and Games Workshop stores, as well as participating independent retailers, will be holding a local painting competition. The winner of the Everchosen category (see below) from each store will have photos of their models uploaded to a huge gallery online, where everyone can vote for their favorite entries. The results of the public vote will then be combined with the votes from our own studio painting teams, with the top three entries being entered into the Everchosen Grand Final. These finalists will be invited to bring their miniatures to Warhammer World from wherever they are in the world – we’ll even cover their travel and accommodation. One of these mighty painting heroes will be crowned Everchosen, and win a replica of Archaon’s legendary sword, the Slayer of Kings.

So to summarize in my own words, there are three steps to the contest:

  1. Participate in the Everchosen category on the painting competitions organized on July 27 by Warhammer brick-and-mortar stores
  2. Each store winner will be photographed and uploaded to an online gallery where three will be picked by public and a GW studio jury
  3. The three finalists will travel to the Warhammer World and a single winner will be picked there

These raise the following questions from the top of my head:

  • Independent retailers: how does an independent retailer qualify to organize the eligible Everchosen category?
  • Eligible entries: could previously entered Golden Demon entries/winners be entered into this competition?
  • Public voting: how will this be taken into consideration? Will it be a ‘thumbs up’ kind of count like a popularity contest? A rating system like the Crystal Brush voting?
  • The Grand Final: how will the Everchosen be picked from the three finalists? Will it be already decided before they actually travel to the Warhammer World? What kind of ceremony (and when) will be expected for these three champions? Will it happen on closed doors or at some kind of event with public?

The format is definitely very appealing and I personally am looking forward to see this new initiative unfold. I am also expecting a lot of controversy in the painting community because of the public voting, let’s hope that the organization is clear on how this is going to be accounted for.

Are you excited/planning to participate? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

More about Everchosen as details continue unfolding!

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