New 40k – Kill Team 2020 Painting Challenge begins #killteam2020


If you are a living human being, you’ve probably heard about two things this year 2020. One is coronavirus. The other is the new edition of 40k. Am I right?

We are joining the hype train! All aboard! (of #new40k of course…)

We challenged a group of painters to muster their forces for the new edition. And lessons learned, we are now setting our goals a little bit lower (the campaign span will also be shorter). Want to join us? Read on until the end to find out how!

Mission objective: 100 points of Kill Team (at least).
Timeframe: 2 months.
Contenders: These dudes (initially):

Time for a little mission debrief:

Remember Armando’s Black Templars? He did not manage to complete them, so now he’s using the 2020 challenge to give them another chance:

A fresh start… back to black!

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Nerus Darthay was advancing alone through the enormous gallery that connected the Hangar with the Command Bridge of the Crusade’s flagship, the “Eternal Crusader”. With each step she took, she could feel the enormous power acquired after crossing the extremely hard and tortuous Rubicon Primaris. It was a difficult decision to make. Not because of fear of death, but because of the initial rejection that their Chapter showed to the new Primaris introduced by Roboute Gilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines. But they finally accepted the introduction of the new troops, since they would be of great help. And now more than ever.

They accepted them on the condition that they be led by veteran brothers of the chapter, who, in turn, should undergo transformation and cross the gates of death, to be reborn with new and incredible vitality and strength… if they managed to survive the process.

Nerus was one of the volunteers to undergo this process after the Terran Crusade, along with his Captain Aevan Ashrik, Einath Elrik and Darnath Vaernys. They would be in charge of directing the new fighting force of the Black Templars.

Aevan was promoted to Chapter Marshal after Marshal Amalrich’s death at the hands of Skarbrand, sacrificing himself so that his companions could escape from the Dark Keep. Companions among which were Aevan himself, Einath, Nerus, Darnath or Primarch Guilliman himself, among others.

Einath Elrik was named Paladin of the Emperor of the Black Templars and was given the Black Sword and a new Armor of Faith.

On the other hand, Nerus and Darnath were named Leiutnant Primaris and, under the command of Aevan Ahsrik, they would lead the new Chapter units.

After walking down the long corridor, he reached the door of the Command Post. He had been called by Aevan to rejoin the service, after the transformation.

The entrance was flanked by two brothers of the Black Templars, who, when they saw Nerus approaching, bowed their heads in respect and, taking a lateral step in a martial way, opened the door allowing him to pass inside.

In the center of the great room, three imposing figures were silhouetted against the light coming from the huge navigation screens, turning their backs on the front door. They watched the data on the panels as the ship’s officers frantically commanded large numbers of navigators, preparing for the impending arrival at their destination.

After sensing Nerus’ presence, the three figures turned to greet the newcomer. The central figure stood out above the other two and, taking a step towards him, the light revealed the face of Aevan Ashrik, the Chapter Marshal, before whom Nerus quickly prostrated himself with respect.

“Nerus, please get up,” said Aevan, smiling. So many respects are not necessary. We have faced too many battles and dangers together to be governed now by the protocol of my new position.

He reached out to help Nerus to his feet and they hugged each other, clasping their ceramite shoulder pads.

Berek is a guy who loves nothing more than a good old time for himself and his favourite god of pleasure: Slaanesh. He hides secret code in his roster: bookmarks of adult sites.

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Winter is one of the only two guys in the group who deserve some respect (all in due time). He continues his quest for Fenris!

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The putty magician strikes back with another round of cheating (conversions done beforehand!) and pissing all over the rest of the contenders. Check out his rendition of a harlequin/eldar/exodite/whitelion-ish Kill Team.

Looks scary but he’s not really going to finish them, so…

(Let’s see if reverse psychology works on this one).

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I wanted to thank Rafa and Nor for this opportunity to rejoin a painting chqllenge. Although this one is meant for a kill team, my idea is to get to make an entire army. I am very excited about this project, I would say the most ambitious I’ve ever put myself in.

I have always liked the wild riders of Saim-hann, and the White Lions of Chrace. So it occurred to me to combine both ideas. However, I think that the rules do not represent very well the idea that I have my head about Saim-hann’s, and curiously, the harlequins resemble it better (of course there will be shiny spears, etc …). So even if you see all harlequins on the kill team list, in general it will have a very Eldar and wild aesthetic. I hope you like the project. 🙂


“… let them hear our roar,
because it is the only thing we are going to let them do. ”
(Typical Leòmhann’s Clan Chief war cry)

In a time that could be eons ago, one of the Saim-hann clans decided to settle down and colonize one of the small eldar Virgin Worlds of yesteryear, filled with lush forests and rugged mountains.

There they were fascinated by a species of white feline similar to the lion of Terra, although much more agile, since it usually climbs the trees to jump to its prey with a sudden and powerful attack.
The king of these lions was called Grythaeg, and although he led a sedentary and comfortable life, he was still an imposing and very proud lion. They saw the colonizers as a threat, and soon many eldars began to disappear into the forests.
The Autarch and chief of the Ytrelion clan, famous for his size and strong arms, entered the trees, assuring that he would not stop until he hunted the great lion with his huge spectral bone axe.

His daring lasted very little, since the imposing Grythaeg was the one who surprised him, destroying the body of the Autarch with his powerful claws. However, it is unknown why he did not end his life.

Ythrelion, with his pride shattered and consumed with bitterness, spent a long time meditating. As soon as he recovered from his injuries, he formed a hunting party with his best warriors. The disfigured eldar insisted that whatever happened, the lion was his.

And the meeting came. But the clan chief already knew what to do; he had his defense lowered and the lion jumped like a bolt of lightning, gripping and breaking his clavicles with its strong jaws. An intense pain almost clouded his sense, but it was the moment he was waiting for: using the last of his strength he stabbed him with the dagger into his heart, and the huge lion fell on him instantly.
Ythrelion, blood gushing from his neck, opened the palm of his hand to discover his spiritual jewel and asked for one last thing: he would take the soul of Grythaeg with him, to give his clan always its strength and ferocity.
And wear their white fur so as not to forget it.

Since then, the skin of the Lion King is a relic that is transmitted through successive Clan Chiefs.


About Leòmhann:

-Although most Eldar warriors proudly receive the cloaks of their ascendants, there is also the chance to get it yourself for the Roar festival, which is held once every 51 years.
In it, a single member of each family (usually the least strong or brave, or who has done a dishonorable act) can try to find their courage or regain the honor of the family by hunting a lion with a specific ritual to preserve both the skin and the lion’s soul in a new spiritual jewel.

-It is customary for family members who go to war to wear these skins with pride and wear these jewels to give them more strength and courage.

-The clan of the Leòmhann (White Lions in the Eldar language) are still considered warriors of Saim-hann given their unwavering loyalty. Because of their scarlet armor they are also more commonly known as the Red Lions.
-Like Saim-hann, its symbol is the Cosmic Serpent and the armor is red with a white helmet, although before the battle they paint a claw-shaped scar on the helmet with their own blood, representing the moment of ferocity, but also of sacrifice, from Ytrelion to meet the king of lions.
-Among all the Saim-hann clans, the Leòmhann are quite possibly the wildest, and although they still enjoy riding in the wind, what they like best is facing the enemy in close combat.
-Specialized in powerful lightning attacks, they do not use large tanks due to the density of the forests, focusing more on motorcycles and small assault ships.
-They value above all dying with honor, therefore they despise exclusively enemy shooting units, although they could also reject favorable alliances for this fact.

Sorcerers and seer

-The council of seers and sorcerers, when entering the Path of the Psychic, must leave behind the ferocity and anger of the lion. This is why they do not wear the traditional lion skin and spectral bone axe; instead, they carry Kurnous’s ceremonial spear.

Bright spears

-The select group of Clan Warriors is made up of the best warriors who accompany the Clan Chief in battle. They are always on a jet motorcycle and their helmets have white mane.

Mitico is the guy that invented the hype train. If GW releases enough Necron new stuff to last the two months of the campaign, he will finish the deed.

If not, these necrons will just make space in the closet for whatever new plastic shit GW marketing comes with in the fall. Fasten your seatbelts.

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Nor is just here to show us that he has a lot of models at home.

Someone asked him, “do you have Imperial Guard?”

“Astra Militarum you say? Three copies of each model ever released, why do you ask?”

Obviously all of them SEALED IN BOX.

Follow Nor’s adventure on his instagram: nor_miniatures

Pablo is the new kid in town, so treat him well!

He picked the incredible Rogue Trader team, couldn’t have thought of better models to paint. Wonderful!

Follow Pablo’s adventure on his instagram: pablottll

Lockdown Paloji is the masked guy in the picture. He’s going for White Scars because they wear white armour, and there’s a spray primer that does exactly that.

“I can get away with just primer, it might be better off than what I can do on top of that” – Paloji a few days before winning the last Spanish Slayersword.

Yes. Last. There’s obviously a reason for that. I’m sure you can guess why.

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Piti spent most of his teenage years (that’s up until last January) buying every box of Space Marines available. He thought that Deathwatch would redeem his poor soul as with it he can show-off a little bit of every chapter.

The sad thing is that he is not even going to paint a single one.

At least he is still subscribed to Conquest!

Porta has a weird thing about nuns in power armour.

But then again… who doesn’t?

This guy has no shame whatsoever. He was not even close to finishing the last two painting challenges, and now Volomir intends to participate with the lamest team of 5 Space Marines. And Ultramarines? Seriously?

sssshhhhh… read between the lines

And yes, the blue parts are Conquest #1. The other two lads were probably stolen. That’s how cheap this is.

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Here we go Ultramarines!

At last, a challenge I shall complete!

It should be easy, it’s not a lot of models.

Let’s do this!

Having missed deadlines on the last two challenges, I can’t fail now.

You never know really, but I will try.

Defenders of the Imperium, here they are, the Ultramarines!

Rest assured, nothing can corrupt them, so we cannot fail.

A tale of honour and courage!

Santi is the other guy deserving some respect. His Custodes made it to the end of the Warmasters Crusade (again, recognition in due time). Now he is siding with the Genestealers to bring us a team of the Cult.

Follow Santi’s adventure on his instagram: santiagoorovio


Want to participate with your own team? Post your challenge pics in your Instagram account with #killteam2020 and we will feature your minis on the site in our upcoming follow-ups.

Let the painting begin!

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