50 sculptures to ‘Do not Miss’ from 2017


We cannot forget that we have witnessed a great number of incredible sculpting jobs in 2017 (commercial or not). This is a list of 50 sculptures from 2017 to ‘Do Not Miss’. Taken from our weekly collection of marvels we have seen in the last 52 weeks.

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Space Wolf by Joaquin Palacios

Pictures of the sculpture work by Joaquín Palacios.

Mamabúho by Lucas Pina (Spira Mirabilis)

While juggling with A Tale of 12+1 Warlords, the great Lucas has created another wonderful old lady bust that was sold out in a few hours.

Rozok The Beastmaster and Mounted Savage Beauty by Joaquin Palacios for Black Sun Miniatures

Huge kit sculpted by Joaquín Palacios in two versions, one with Rozok (did anyone say Heman?) and the other one with the famous Savage Beauty, the already existing model from Black Sun Miniatures.

Thor vs Hulk, sculpture by Joaquín Palacios

Truly epic sculpting by Joaquín Palacios, in a joint venture with Sergio Calvo.

Tyrant by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois

Jacques-Alexandre in all its glory, for the game ‘Hate’ by CMON.

Tinkerbell by Patrick Masson

Incredible finesse and subtlety on this amazing creation for the Kickstarter of miniatures based on the illustrations by Jean-Baptiste Monge.

Ufgar, The Collector, Hera Models

Sculpted digitally by Raúl García Latorre based on a concept by BlocSanchez.

Sacrifice by Joaquín Palacios

A huge kit sculpted by Joaquín for Black Sun Miniatures.

Dragyri Shadow Caste Keeper by Patrick Masson

Dark Age’s Dragyri miniatures are absolutely mind blowing, thanks to the great work by Patrick Masson.

Batman by Joaquín Palacios

The great master does it again, this time a private commission job.

Lozza, the King’s Butcher by Raúl García Latorre

A long awaited project of Raúl, finally finished.

Zombicide Green Horde models by Remy Tremblay

These models from Remy are simply outstanding. What a beauty, part of the newest Zombicide game from CMON.

Sko, the Elephant Man by Allan Carrasco

Allan never lets anyone down. This is another of those incredible hybrid creatures created by the French Master. With a photographic step by step in the link too!

Narcissa, Queen of the Whispers by Romain Van den Bogaert

This great bust will be part of the catalogue of Black Crow Miniatures.

Master of the Dragyiri Shadow Caste Spirit Lord by Patrick Masson

Yet another Dragyiri that we are absolutely in love with, from Patrick Masson for Dark Age.

Chris Clayton’s bust for Seminart

This is the bust that Chris has sculpted for his workshop organized by Figure Painter Magazine.

Sculptures by Maurizio Bruno, BoS MSS 2017

Lots of pictures of the sculpting work behind Monte San Savino’s 2017 Best of Show.

Urhuk the Savage, Black Crow Miniatures

Digitally sculpted by Raúl García Latorre based on artwork by Guillermo González.

Pirate bust sculpt by Matthieu

Amazing and detailed sculpture from Matthieu.

She is the only certainty by Boris Woloszyn

This creation by Boris is dark and terrifying. Just like a miniature depicting death should be!

Barbarian, Hasslefree

Sculpted by Kev White. In his words, it might be the best barbarian he has ever sculpted.

Oösram by Valentin Zak

Based on the character of the french comic ‘Nains’.

Master of Esh by Patrick Masson

Made for Dark Age in 2014 based on a concept by Giorgios Dimitriou.

Hate sculpture by Rémy Tremblay

A new game by CMON is announced, with sculptures of this quality.

The Harbinger of Death, Galapagos Miniatures

Sculpted by Ju Won Jung.

Marcus by Joaquín Palacios for Black Sun Miniatures

“Marcus”, another outstanding creation from Freeman, sculpted for Black Sun Miniatures in Super Sculpey and Fimo, 75mm.

Shadow Caste Goliath by Patrick Masson

We never grow tired of all the sculptures Patrick is creating for Dark Age.

War Daddy, WW2 US Tank Commander by Sang-Eon Lee

Incredible sculpture by Sang-Eon Lee on a character portrayed by Brad Pitt.

King of the Goblins, Spira Mirabilis

A new creation from Lucas Pina that will probably be already sold out by now. Run while you can!

Garrek’s Gorebeard by Christian Hardy

Shadespire from GW comes out this month. This is the Chaos band for Shadespire designed by Christian Hardy.

Fish.General.Journey by Yuen Leun Shing

This huge garage kit is a great canvas for adventurous miniatures painters. We would love to see some intrepid brushes working on one of these!

London Crooks by Valentin Ammon Zak

Great sculpture for Blacksmith Miniatures’ Kickstarter to bring to life Jean Baptiste Monge’s designs.

Benoit Cauchies sculptures of 2017

Like last year, Benoit posts all of his work of 2017 in one single post. Amazing stuff!

Orc on giant wolf by Allan Carrasco

The sculpture by Allan Carrasco for Terrible Kids Stuff, based on a concept by the great Karl Kopinski. Quite old actually, it was sculpted in 2014, and not released until today!

Fairy by Patrick Masson

This sculpture by Patrick is based on a design by Jean Baptiste Monge, for Blacksmith Miniatures’ Kickstarter.

Orc head by Allan Carrasco

Just an orc head sculpted by Allan, just another beauty. He just makes everything look so easy!

Death Knight by Joaquín Palacios for Black Sun

There’s a great old school flavour on this sculpture, very Conan-like.

Cerberus by Joaquín Palacios

The sculpting job by Joaquín Palacios for the Divine Comedy Kickstarter campaign from Aradia Miniatures.

Slaanesh Lord conversion by Karol Rudyk

This is something we truly love about the miniature hobby. Conversions like this, to this level of perfection, are a neverending inspiration to us. Converted from the Archaon on horse from GW.

Charlemagne by Antonio Zapatero

The Emperor himself on horse, sculpted by Antonio Zapatero as a especial giveaway for participants in Soldat de Plom 2017.

Beastman in 75mm by Allan Carrasco

First miniature Allan sculpts for the company Terrible Kids Stuff.

Burak Dwarf bust by Giorgos Tsougkouzidis

Very interesting dwarf bust sculpted by Giorgos for Kyle Cruickshank and his company.

Batman by Gautier Giroud

Impressive sculpt, uniquely made for a private collector, based on the comic by Tony Daniel and Grant Morrison.

Warriors of the Um’Kator Tribe by Patrick Masson

The first sculpts shared by Patrick made for HATE: the Boardgame.

Ferret Riders by Valentin Zak

Based on the illustrations by Jean-Baptiste Monge.

Horse by Patrick Masson

A 45mm horse sculpted by Patrick Masson for Arena Rex in 2016.

Barbarian by Jun Sik Ahn

A female barbarian bust sculpted for Nuts Planet.

Elora by Jonatan Monerris

It’s not usual to see female dwarves, and this kit will be a great addition to all of Jonatan’s dwarves in Peter Punk Produktions / FeR Miniatures.

The Last Bard by Thomas David for Kingdom Death

Stunning sculpture by Thomas David in the unique style of Kingdom Death.

Robot by Joaquin Palacios for Black Sun Miniatures

3d digital sculpt and traditional sculpt, based on art by Roberto Cirillo. 75mm scale. The robot is 100mm tall.

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  1. A great list!
    Thanks for remember the sculptors, sometimes our work goes unnoticed under the painting work, it’s an honour to be in the list with a lot of great sculptors.

  2. No wonder you like the list, the author seems to have a mad raging boner for your sculpts.

    Your sculpts are great, but there are many other artists that deserve a place on this list. Rather than almost 20% of it being dedicated to you, and almost the same amount again for Patrick Masson.

    Very poor and lazy article in my opinion.


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