Do Not Miss 2016 Week 22


Daniel Bel is a genius 3d sculptor that we have been following for long time. The quality and detail of his works are absolutely mind blowing.

You may remember Anthony’s take on the Anonymous bust by Banshee. In this article, Anthony explains how he achieved the impressionist type of effect with impasto painting. Very instructive!

Big Child Creatives is now releasing new figures for Black Sailors. This is the first real Black Sailor after their very succesful Kickstarter campaign. Coming soon!

Another barbarian release from Joaquin Palacios painted by Sergio Calvo, this one also for the catalogue of the company Black Sun.

Spiderzero is a hugely succesful and famous sculptor, if you don’t know about him you should definitely check him out. He does this kind of sculptures and designs on a daily basis.

Emuse is very well known for his grot vehicles in yellow. The last on the series is this tank, could have made it to Golden Demon but finally was not completed on time.

A new bust sculpted by Raffaele, this very interesting pirate will be the next release from Fer Miniatures. We love his pet!

This Orruk painted by Christian Hardy was a great sight at the Open category in the Golden Demon. It got a finalist pin but in our opinion deserved better. Competition between GW employees is fierce!

Rosman painted the very famous Papa Jambo bust in his very personal style. We really like the skin colours, very interesting tones for an orc.

This is a 90mm sculpture by Nelya Vitvitska, we hope to see it soon published commercially because it will certainly make for a very interesting canvas.

It seems this character from ‘Master and Commander’ is now in fashion because two companies already released a miniature about him recently, and now it’s the turn of Alexandros Models. Very nice sculpture by Richard Galicek.

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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