A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 2 Destruction Alliance updates


To finish up with Checkpoint 2 of the campaign, let’s take a look in detail about what the members of House Destruction have done.

Alliance Destruction Checkpoint 2


He was the leader of Destruction in the past Checkpoint, and his progress shows he is up to the task, still ahead of this Alliance.

He left us a great gift in the form of a useful tutorial about his Orruks. Let’s see!

Here is a picture of the Step by Step (though I lost one step because the picture did not turn out right) of the typical Orruk for the Ardboys unit. I am not going to detail much because in honesty, the process I will follow is the same as for the Megaboss, the only difference is that I will not take as many steps just to save time: I’ll show you which ones.
1. I will not edge highlight as much. I use only one colour to edge highlight everything orange; only one for all the black; only one for all the brown; etc. In the Megaboss I used different colours for the gradients of the edges in some points.
2. I focus more on them being noticeable than on a smooth technique. The edge highlights are rougher, same as transitions in some points.
3. I do not raise lights as much in general. The orange has one tone less, the black is using one less shadow tone, etc. When you put them all together you can barely see the difference.

This way I save time and it is not as tedious.

On the other hand, Mommel joins the roster changes. Here is the new plan for the campaign as of today:

The trainee engineer Diptrio scouted from afar, up on his engineering tower over 2,000 meters above the ground, with his great invention: the Image Approximator, patent pending. It was still in the testing phase, but he was sure that it would take him to the top, get him his the title of Royal Engineer, the highest title there was.
He spent some minutes gazing and taking references of the environment so that he could later perform some field trials and establish if what happened on the lenses was actually happening at the same time or if there was some kind of time difference. All of a sudden he saw a great cloud of dust that gathered on the edge of the hill. Slowly, some heads, torsos and legs started to appear, non human and big in size, in contrast with the light of the sun, already setting in the horizon. Hundreds. Thousands. Maybe hundreds of thousands…

He took the eye off the Image Approximator. He performed some adjustments on the variable approximation controler and looked again. He saw everything much closer now, and he could distinguish the orange glows of the armours, the beasty faces with huge fangs and glittered orange, the edges of their weapons gleaming in the sun…

He stoped looking again. Slowly, he put the Image Approximator back into his engineer suitcase. He went down the steps of the tower without haste. The Royal Engineer passed by, but the expression in his face was such that he just stared at him silently. He arrived at the patio, mounted a horse, and left.

Some hours later, the city burned and the orange Orks of Baksi ran from one side to another, raping cattle and killing women and children. Baski the Boss personally gave orders by punching those closer to him, those who were trusted enough to receive blows from the Great Master Boss himself, such an honour. They used the survivors to paint their armours, brewing some strange demonical product out of their blood. None were left alive, or at least none free to tell this story. Or maybe only just one, but the whereabouts of Dioptrio are unknown to this date. Some say he died on his journey, hunted by Orks; others, that he still lives isolated in a mountain, observing the world with his Image Approximator. Who knows.

– Miopio’s Manuscripts, new Royal Engineer of Altdorf.

Mommel is one of our candidates to readh the next phase. Undisputable leader of Destruction, we think that he must perform very badly from this point on to prevent him from reaching the goal. Just one final push and Mommel’s Ironjawz will be there.


Norberto has worked hard this month and even though he still is not reporting the necessary points, he certainly is painting full throttle. Gork and Mork smile happy.

I had no chance of finishing anything for the first Checkpoint. The time available for painting is quite scarce, and I embarked on the painting of the largest and most complex unit of them all. The Orruk Ardboys in my case, as they are not part of an army that is entirely made from Ironjawz, only count for 100 points (instead of the 180 that Mommel’s account for).

Such a crybaby.

On top of this, I lost so much time with the painting tests, as I did not accomplish the black colour I was looking for, and I tried like 4 different combinations before painting serially.
Once I finished the unit, I started with the catapult. As you can see, this is a classic of this army and I have to say that I enjoyed the goblin painting a lot. They are by far my favourite up to this point ^_^ (let’s see when I reach the Night Goblins… they are many!). I will leave for later the retouching of things in each of the miniatures and the finishing of the bases (I will do them all at the same time for the 1,000 total points).
I apologize in advance for not showing you a decent tutorial of the process, but I am very chaotic when painting. Even more so when I am very scarce with time. Just think that I haven’t even started Azagh nor the Skarsnik. I will definitely have a hard time getting to that first 500 points cut… but I certainly will!

Good work by Nor, he is painting quite a large number of miniatures. Also, his list remains unchanged:

His good progress in this Checkpoint lead us to think that he will overcome succesfully the terrible eliminating milestone of next month. Will he make it to the other side?


Last month Lucas indulged us with some very cool conversions of Orruks. This month however, Kabum Mazpallá Kepacá has taken a long nap and Lucas scores a wonderful zero in his progress bar.

His list was very promising, with amazing conversions:

Despite showing an incredible conversion work, without a single colour on his troops Lucas looks like one of the faourite Warlords to fall next month. We will certainly miss his sculptures…


Possibly the worst performer of the campaign at this point. Berek still does not report any progress with his Ogors.

Some say that this festive Warlord is really preparing in secret to surprise everyone in the last minute.

Be that as it may, things look awful for Berek. He is without a doubt our candidate number 1 to be left behind in the next Checkpoint.

And thus ends the complete review of Checkpoint 2.

Things are getting very tense now that we are approaching Checkpoint 3, the important milestone in the middle of the campaign. We have seem very different progress from each Warlord…

What do you guys think? Who are your candidates to all in Checkpoint 3? Who are your favourite?

If you are liking the Tale so far, please leave us a pretty comment below to encourage our Warlords in this very crucial next month!

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  1. Ahhhh! They all look amazing – great work, and very inspiring. My paintbrush as actually seen some action as a direct result of this challenge. Naturally, I am rooting for the Dispossessed as they are the greatest XD!

    • That’s what you should do! Root for the Order Alliance!! 🙂 haha
      Actually Gryndal’s Dispossessed are looking quite awesome… 😀


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