A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 3 Chaos Alliance updates


And now for some very deserved pictures and stories for this decisive Checkpoint 3. Let’s start with Chaos!

Alliance Chaos Checkpoint 3

As we said, all of the Chaos Alliance made it to the other side.


Possibly the most boring of the Warlords, Javi has probably retired somewhere in the Realms, nowhere to be found. His strange case of inexplicable haste is unheard of in the miniature painting world. After he completed the 1,000 points in the first Checkpoint, he banished.

Truth is, his 1,000 points Legion look amazing on these pictures we showed back in the day, and they are solid proof of Javi’s work to get past Checkpoint 3 (and 6, of course, but we’ll get there…).

The funny thing is that Javi committed to painting more than 1,000 points. There’s three more months for him to continue this titanic task:


This month has been very tough for Phobos. Toying with elimination, it wasn’t until the last few days that he took strength out of his everchanging god and managed to put some colour on the remaining points.

A convinced follower of change, he wanted us to concentrate on the blessings of Tzeentch by taking a look at the amazing transformation his remaining minis went through.

Together with the Shaman painted in Checkpoint 1, Phobos has been rewarded an extra 3 months to continue worshipping Tzeentch.

Unfortunately he didn’t want to share even a few chants about his epic saga.

Let’s see what happens next because he barely painted 3 models in 3 months. Some things will definitely have to change for him to paint 30 more models in the next 3 months. But you know, Tzeentch should provide…


A true follower of Khorne, Armando brings more skulls to the Blood God.

Let’s see what he has to show and say about his epic work:

Third Checkpoint and finally the turn for Korghos Khul and Threx, the Bloodsecrator. I really wanted to get to this point to be able to paint them. As I said, I like all the new Khorne models, I think they are wonderful sculpts, but I simply love these two. The Bloodsecrator has this amazing banner and I love the armour, while Korghos Khul with his Khorne hound is mind blowing. I think it shows very clearly how a Khorne leader should be. Brutal and savage.

This last month I could barely paint. I had to accelerate my painting rate (even more) before this month to get here. There are things that I am not completely happy about, but the important thing was to reach this Checkpoint. I would have added some more highlights to the golden parts and some edge highlights with white (or more yellow as some other people tell me…) but I will maybe go back to them in the end.

The bases were initially going to be just left black, so that I could paint all of them with the rest of the minis I have to paint in the end. However, the last few days I discussed this with the rest of the Warlords and since the rest were going to put bases I decided that it had to be done, even if I did not have much time to do so. It wasn’t what I wanted to do at first, but anyway. Probably I will go back to them in the end adding some more skulls and such.

I am very happy with how the campaign is progressing and hallucinating with the armies that the rest are painting. We’re definitely having a blast!

It’s time to prepare for the next 3 months. I will probably do some changes to the initial list, so that there is more variety of troops. For now, the 3 Mighty Skullcrushers will be next.

The episode with the black bases was quite controversial in the last few days before Checkpoint 3 as the rules did not explictly say anything about bases. However, this was discussed with all and voted so that if anyone wanted to leave them black for now, they could. All that conversation… and finally Armando painted his bases. We believe that this was just a Khorne strategy to distract the rest of the Warlords in the most critical moments of their painting campaign. This will be forever known as the #armandogate.

In any case… great work Armando!

His brushes are bleeding with joy. Look at what is coming in the next three months! More blood! More skulls!

The proud Gods of Chaos rejoice. 3 months of superiority over the rest of the Alliances and great minis to show for it. We’ll continue with more minis to show off from house Destruction in this Checkpoint 3! Stay tuned!

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    • It does right? It is scary… it seems it was yesterday we started the campaign, and now there’s only just 10 weeks left!


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