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This past year there has been a huge growth in the amount of new companies that are bringing quality and spectacularity in their new releases. One of them is Black Veil Models, a project that is born to bring us collector pieces in a very limited fashion, from various universes. They will bring to us characters known by many and also miniatures completely original from concept, both with the common features of exclusivity and attractiveness.

Yesterday they unveiled the box art work performed by our colleague Marc Masclans. A superb paintjob in tune with the character represented. She is Aly, the last survivor (or Mila Jovovich in the role of Alice Abemathy of the famous videogame and movie franchise about the Umbrella corporation 😉 )



The presentation of the packaging of Aly is elegant and shows care about details. The box depicts the unique box art version of Marc Masclans, and it comes with the base, a sticker from the company and a card with the pencil drawn portrait of the character.



The miniature has few pieces, thanks to the pose, and it makes it easy and comfortable to plan the painting. Not many miniatures offer such a clear decision whether to paint all the pieces glued together or separately: there’s only a base, body and two arm pieces. They fit perfectly together and there’s little assembly work required. Mold lines are barely visible.



As I wrote at the beginning, the detail in this miniature is exquisite. Black Veil Models has managed to represent perfectly the physiognomy of the character, together with the details of her gear and equipment. It’s a 75mm miniature sculpted digitally by Juan M. Puerta and cast in high quality grey resin.

Despite the lack of gear, and being as it is quite a simple miniature, it’s precisely this feature that makes Aly very appealing to the painter. It is worth noting that there is a remarkable and very fine sculpting job in the textures of the shirt and the stockings are also very subtle.





We usually avoid showing you the assembled miniature, but in this case, as it is so simple, and the base so adequate, we offer you some photos of our model.

aly-black-veil-models-08 aly-black-veil-models-09 aly-black-veil-models-10 aly-black-veil-models-11


Aly is a miniature that will stand out in your cabinets. The pose, the remarkable likeness with he actress (it’s a clone!) and the evident remark to the franchise that everyone of us is thinking about, makes this a very recommendable miniature if you love zombie stories and post-apocalyptic worlds.


  • Sculpting quality. Small details, textures, and notable micro volumes.
  • Assembly. Literally 5 minutes where spent in setting the miniature up, without putty or prep work.
  • Needless to say… Mila Jovovich!!


  • Maybe the pose is too static… coherent with the character though.
  • There are some wrinkles that look a bit unreal.
  • I would have preferred a version without the jacket, just the shirt would have looked better.

You can find additional information about Aly in their facebook page, and you can purchase the model on Black Veil Models website.

Sculpting Detail
Poses and expressions
Pieces and assembly
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