Brushes of the Underworlds: Checkpoint 1


The first 15 days have passed and here we have the first reports from the participants, both the initial 30 and those who do so through Instagram with the hashtag #big3underworlds. Many have not reported progress because they are taking their time before showing off, and others have not even started, but we are just kicking it off. Let’s see what they tell us and what they’ve done!

First steps. Hunter with crossbow ready and starting with the bois.

The boi does not give glory points to the opponent when they kill him. Makes sense, right?

Piano piano. I’ve added some effects from Deadly Print Studio that will help a lot to see the warband as what it should be, a band forged in the storm. Most of the bits have been modified and now we are waiting for the base of these 3 to arrive to continue working. There is no rush, the important thing is to arrive at the end of May!!

These are really really cool lightning effects. We admit we are suprised Mr. Stratos...

Well, I am probably the least advanced, but after some small conversions, changes of scenery and composition, in the end I decided on this one. The witch will probably end up carrying a broom, reminding of the classic Morheim witch. Wish me luck to reach the goal!

Actually no... there's actually many with much worse progress than you. A classic!

I started by proposing the positioning that seemed most interesting to me and then with an airbrush place the lights caused by the torch. In this way the shadows projected by the different characters on the ground will appear. Next I started with the background, adding color and working on the moon, which I did not have fully decided on how to do and in the end it didn’t turn out that bad. Next, added a couple of details to the base, began to pose the torch light and worked on the background by placing the silhouettes of the trees.

Nor! Backdrops incoming! Oh man, he is in love with them backdrops...

Hey! My idea for this band is to use some sort of stippling to generate texture in the clothes and above all to get away from the typical Skaven color and the pestilent green of the band. I liked the idea of the rotten monks of Sekiro and for now here is the Leader of the band, there is still a bit left in the water, which I will do in the end to airbursh in all of them, but this is progressing!

-Ho! Let's-Go!
I couldn't help myself with that greeting.

First checkpoint, and I would say that the warband’s progress is just over 30%, trying to make the most of the time I had during Easter. Let’s see now if we can round it up to reach the end! The initial plan was to paint them on game bases, but I found a good block of those with a bevel, and I couldn’t resist, although they are only put in place, so it is not a final base either. And well, yes, I have also parted ways with the official box art colour scheme.

I am surprised about the colours chosen. I wanted to say something funny here but I am actually in love with the palette. Well done Jesús!

With the voice of David Attenborough: “Here we see the Khainites walking freely among the shadows, on the lookout for prey, who, in total ignorance, enter what was once a place of worship.”

Display stand made from scratch with porex, cork, bits and various castings, including oyamaru from a 5th edition blood cauldron.

There's a saying that goes like this: "too much base for too little face".

The first model, as you can see, is quite advanced, although I am always correcting things as I progress in new areas. Now what remains is mainly the gold areas, which are an element that will take me a little more time. Regarding the paint, since red and gold are basic, I have tried to vary the skin from the original to do something different.

Careful if you have a girlfriend at SLE, seriously, that town is insane.

At this first checkpoint I wanted to put the scheme in the minis to, precisely, check if it worked. It has cost me a lot to progress on everything at the same time and not get involved in refining specific parts, which are still very flat and very, very dirty (well, and the metals without being directly raised)… I am somewhat embarrassed to show it like this. But it has helped me to see the overall image and consider adding some filters and shadow information. I see a huge amount of work ahead but at least, more or less, I arrived on time for the check-in!

How can you be embarrassed with so much progress? I don't understand kids these days.

Variation in the parrot from red to the colors of a blue macaw…. The jumpsuit is the closest to the standard…. The gretchin are in the details phase…. And the ogre is with base colors…. And all without sucking the brush…. I feel good

Yeah, a lot of brush sucking was required to write your text.

These 4 weeks from the beginning to the first checkpoint consisted of converting the figures:
The Anvil Bearer: Added a hanged man with his soul. The right arm is missing to model.
The Executioner: Added the Stormcast being executed and his soul being trapped by the sword. It still has a couple of transformations left…
The Condemner: I added a table and welded chains on which the parchment rests that represents where the character is writing.
The Sharpener: I didn’t touch it.

There's a great nativity scene in the making here!

The figure has the main colors with light shadow work. When I have advanced more, I’ll start with the wear effects. I tried a small freehand to see if it fits the idea I have. The base has brush base colors and airbrush tone work.

Lots of base in that orruk!

We start the challenge with the first delays. Initially I had the intention of painting the models on their game bases, but after seeing the projects of other colleagues, and other Golden Demon entries, I decided that it was worth making a good scenic base for them, so the first checkpoint consisted of its creation.

Add in a few magnets and you almost have a volomir. Copycat!

We start with the dogs, I made the highlights trying to imitate fur and washes between layers of light to integrate the painting, the bases are painted in semi fresco, the next figure in process is Loreta, the girl of the group.

Quite realistic work on these lads! 

Let’s check now the work of other participants all over Instagram!

Thus ends the first Checkpoint. See you again in two weeks! (more or less…)

Unconditionally passionate about our hobby, Norberto Álvarez has been in love with figures and static modeling since he was 11 years old. Nor is an active and enterprising collaborator of many projects related to our community, contributing with ideas, work on social networks and the Internet. A regular in national events wherever they are, huge advocate of hobbying with good beer and friends ;)


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