Brushes of the Underworlds: Checkpoint 2


Second checkpoint of the challenge. We bring you reports from the participants who have updated their status, as well as those who do so through Instagram using the hashtag #big3underworlds, which are increasing every day! Let’s see the evolution of the bands!

I still haven’t painted anything. But calm everyone, good things take a long time, not like that damned Toni! I have taken advantage of the fact that we have had Juan Díaz with us to do a base exercise with the base of this wonderful band, as you can see they are really electric! PS: the base is painted black, I don’t need unnecessary criticism at this stage! xD

At least the base will be in black... I won't comment on how "outdated" those hollow circles are xD

We continue to progress with the painting, first brush strokes to work out the sensation of fire, torch and contrast with the darkness of the forest. If it doesn’t work, I move and relocate until I find the proper position. I have also placed another tree and I will remove another couple of them from the bottom to increase depth. Little by little…

That torch gives off quite a light! I don't know what Nor thinks about that background, though. We'll have to ask him!!

I’ve been planning the scene a bit, mainly working on the terrain to give that feeling of dense forest and also starting to think about the colors on the miniatures. Once everything works, as I think it does now, I’ll focus on refining each of the minis. More coming soon!!

Ooh, that witch's broom is very much a witch's broom, indeed!! We really like it!!!!

Advancing gradually, already planning the first colors in the scene and on the figures, the color scheme is starting to emerge, with some elements still needing to be accentuated with turquoise. Worth noting is the marbling for the temple floor and the freehand for the band leader, following the concept art.

Despite the fact that the base is too much, we like the color scheme and the scenery!

Progress of the band where I’ve opted for a classic scheme. I’ve started with the ones that are less “complicated” since I have to paint one of the minis separately. I’m advancing the minis in a general mode, so I can finish them uniformly as we go along.

But you're here too? Can't your connection drop? And those coughs???

Regarding the first checkpoint, after working on the base (still unfinished), I’ve started painting the dwarves, a general base on the hair and skin with an airbrush, and more advanced on the metals (NMM) of two of them. There’s still a lot of work to be done xD

Paloji, you are running out of time!

Progress! Although after the scolding I got from Troncho in the Dettol WhatsApp group, I don’t consider anything finished…

Well done to Troncho for that wake-up call... let's see if he applies it!

Here are my Daggok guys, the truth is that I thought about taking the challenge easy, but I guess that after having painted about 50 Krule for my army, my hands danced completely frantically over the minis and I finished them a lot sooner than thought. Seeing so many beautiful displays and dioramas, I decided to prepare a stand worthy of such a band and with which to show off next to the beautiful work of the colleagues of the challenge.

You guys are on fire... what a warband in record time! We can't wait to see the scene you are preparing!

Terrain in the process of being modeled. Three figures almost finished, just needing some touch-ups, special lighting, outlining, and ambiance. The fourth one is sketched out. I’m doing well within the time I have available, but motivated and happy to get back to painting after almost a year without touching brushes.

We love seeing you active again!! We're really looking forward to seeing everything in its place and how you finish it off :)

The goal is to paint each of the four minis with a different elemental theme. At the first checkpoint, I painted the first one with cool tones, trying to make the weapons look frozen. For the second mini of this checkpoint, I attempted to create an electric effect. In both pieces, I think I’ll try to make some final touches if I have time. I’ve started the next one, themed with lava, to see how I resolve it because I’m not quite happy with it yet, and I change my mind every day.

Well, the approach is very original! We like that lava... I wouldn't overthink it. Or maybe I would.

I had the objective of having the metals ready, so here we are, and the warband is almost completely sketched out (except for some small elements). Now I have to go back to the elements with the ancient technique of brushstroke-glaze… and so on until it gets to the point I like (or until I get tired).
By the way, I have to start deciding on a placement: in a line or in a huddle (maintaining the same main views). All kinds of advice are appreciated!

We like the brushing-glazing as much as brush-on/brush-off. Mr. Miyagi, approves!

As always with all these things I get into… I usually end up late and not very good (if I make it XD) for now, I only have these two, and one of them is halfway done… now, the minis are super cool!!!!! XD

Let's see... wake up call from Carlos: Edge hightlight you fool!

First dwarf of the “Vol Azotedeorruks” band almost ready, I wanted to paint it at the moment when they activate the runes and are inspired, as if flames were erupting from their bodies.

Winterland painting Dwarves is always a safe bet... Let's go for more!

As usual, let’s see what we have on Instagram at this checkpoint!

Second checkpoint complete! We miss some contenders who haven’t shown signs of life yet, but we hope that in this last month they’ll make an effort and show us good progress to reach the goal in good shape. See you in 2 weeks (more or less, you know xD)

Unconditionally passionate about our hobby, Norberto Álvarez has been in love with figures and static modeling since he was 11 years old. Nor is an active and enterprising collaborator of many projects related to our community, contributing with ideas, work on social networks and the Internet. A regular in national events wherever they are, huge advocate of hobbying with good beer and friends ;)


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