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We continue with our reviews of the products from the Polish studio ‘Ragecraft‘. As you know we already reviewed their first three releases, The Inquisitor Knight, The Assassin Lady and The Vampire Wizard, and a while later we had the chance to take a look at The Witch King. Today we bring the next in their line of 32mm models:


As with the rest of their products, the first thing we notice is the packaging. Their products come wrapped in great quality packaging, and so does Demon: Lord of Horror. The box has the name of the company written in bright red letters and carved into the front of the box, and a sticker with the concept art illustration of the miniature on the back. Exactly the same as with their other releases. Quality!

Together with the Demon: Lord of Horror box we also received a postcard with the concept art for the miniature. It’s an essential piece to have as it shows the position of arms and wings, and without the reference it’s quite difficult model to assemble.

The miniature pieces come well protected inside the box, surrounded by foam, in a single plastic bag.

The model is quite bigger than the other releases from the company. As you can see, the miniature represents a demon character, with the classical position “one leg bent, one arm elevated” (a pose that we never get tired to see, it’s always a good pick).

The kit offers two options for the arms (one with shield and one without it) and also three different options for the head. This makes it quite a versatile kit. Also, the union for the wings can withstand some movement, so they can be glued in many ways, allowing for different wing spans and presentations.

Once you start meddling with the pieces separately, it’s very obvious that we are in front of a 3D printed model. The volumes have the typical details that show the hands of a computer tool.

The casting is very clean, and we barely notice 3D printing lines. High quality resin, hard and sturdy, robust and light. Perfect for gaming and also very smooth for demanding painters.

We couldn’t resist to assemble a couple of versions using the options available.

The amount of detail and the quality of finishes, edges, casting and 3D print makes this miniature a premium product. It’s very detailed but also offers simple surfaces for experienced painters to glow.


This miniature continues the standard set by the previous release of Rage Craft Studio. Packaging, quality, even the alignment of the creature. The last one was undead, this one is a demon, just that this one is considerably bigger (same scale, just a larger character).


  • Solid concept both for gaming purposes or showcase ideas.
  • Versality, with different options as heads and weapons.
  • The packaging, very high quality for miniatures of this size.
  • Great quality material, cast and print. Easy assembly and unions that enable for different poses without the use of putty.


  • In our opinion the shield arm is a much worse choice than the one without it. The shield is thick as hell and it becomes a visual turndown when the main view clearly brings up the top of the shield.
  • Price tag has increased for this release, since this one is a considerably bigger model.

And now that you made it to the end of this review, we have a little gift for you again. We contacted Rage Studio about this review and they have very kindly offered a special discount for all readers! Enter this discount code at checkout on the Rage Craft Studio page:


You will receive instant 20% discount on any purchase, as long as it is of at least 20€.

The code works until May 12. So be hasty!

Here you can find the website of Rage Craft Studio. We give you the link to Demon: Lord of Horror, as well as to The Witch King, and also to their first three miniatures we already reviewed: The Inquisitor Knight, The Vampire Wizard and The Assassin Lady.

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