Rage Craft Miniatures – Inquisitor Knight, Vampire Wizard and Assassin Lady


What we show you here today is an interesting product from a Polish company that has very recently started their business in the miniature world and are specializing in 32mm miniatures, perfect for heroic tabletop games or as small showcase minis. We are talking about the company Rage Craft, and their first three releases.

Let’s not waste too much time with introductions and get right to it!


First thing we noticed when we picked up the miniatures is the packaging. Each miniature comes in a high quality box. This box has the name of the company written in bright red letters and carved into the front of the box, and a sticker with the box art photo of the miniature on the back.

Rage Craft Miniatures - Review in volomir.comTogether with the three miniatures we received some cool merchandising of the company, something to be grateful for! We will certainly open some beer bottles thanks to this nice detail from Rage Craft.

Rage Craft Miniatures - Review in volomir.com

Within each box we find the miniatures, as well as some cool showcase bases that come with them. Let’s take a look at each of them separately.


The first one is The Inquisitor Knight. As you can see, this miniature represents the typical heavily armoured paladin with a great sword. The base is probably the least interesting of them three, since it is just a casting of some rock terrain with some skulls. It certainly complies with its purpose, but its nothing dashing.

The concept is not very original but the sculpture is very neat and detailed. You can see that the boxart work is good but with a miniature like this and the details of the casting there is room for much more. There’s a lot of potential for a bright interpretation of metallics in the armour for example.


Rage Craft Miniatures - First three releases review in volomir.comThe Vampire Wizard is a cool concept.

Of course, the idea is quite classic again. However, there is room for conversion by just doing some minor additions or changes to the miniature as is. Did anyone say ‘Sith Lord’? 🙂

Again the 3D sculpture leaves crisp and neat detailing, however in this case the clothing might prove a bit tough to interpret. The way the clothes are flying in the air is quite interesting but the folds will be tough to paint. One can always try textures or freehands, and a good thing is that the surface is very smooth, which will be perfect for these purposes.



One thing we notice is a big mold line along the shirttail that will not be very easy to remove.

Rage Craft Miniatures - Review in volomir.com


Rage Craft Miniatures - Review in volomir.comFinally we have The Assassin Lady.

This one is probably the weakest of the three. The concept is cool but the miniature is not entirely true to the concept, and lacks the dynamism.

The miniature cast and sculpture, like the others, is very neat, with very crisp and smooth details, perfect for an enjoyable paintjob. However, the pose on this one seems a bit forced and while the idea is to suggest movement and dynamism with all that fabric in the air, the sculpture is not coherent. The face is quite hieratic, and the knives may be too big to go along with the intended movement.

One cool thing about his model is the base that comes with it. There is a spare column piece that could be used for this model or for anything else we can think of.


Three very promising miniatures for a fine new line in 32mm. 3D sculpting seems the way to go for this kind of products and the guys at Rage Craft know it.


  • Classic concepts that fit a wide variety of purposes, games or showcase ideas.
  • The packaging, very high quality for miniatures of this size.
  • Each miniature comes with a detailed base, which will make basing easier for those who dislike that part of miniature modelling.


  • Some mold lines we found are bigger than we would have liked.
  • The sculpting could be closer to the concept art in the case of the Assassin Lady.

Here you can find the website of Rage Craft Studio, and these are the links to each of their first three miniatures: The Inquisitor Knight, The Vampire Wizard and The Assassin Lady.

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