Do Not Miss 2016 Week 20


Marc Masclans amazes us again with his painting on this miniature sculpted by Laslo Forgach and designed by Beni Lobel.

We don’t really know the name of this miniature but it is fantastic to witness the greatness of Ben’s techniques and palettes on this bust.

Dmitry’s painting is always a great source of inspiration, his painting ways are quite different to what we are used to see in the miniaturesphere.

Another great creation from Dmitry. Check out the subtlety of the colour palette on this black skin.

Al the Nurgle love from David Soper this year has granted him two golds and the Slayersword in Golden Demon 2016. This unit perfectly represents his very personal style.

This amazing bust by Romain Van den Bogaert is now available. Don’t miss your chance to get one!

This wonderfully painted Legolas from the Hobbit earned Gareth a Gold in LOTR on Golden Demon 2016.

We have been following River on her path to create this rainbow Harlequin army. Now it’s the turn of blue part – Spades!

We love Javier Molina’s creations, always very colourful, different and story telling, and always in Rafa Coll’s Blog. bring us an interesting article where David Powell shares his views on painting skin that looks unnatural.

Read David’s thoughts on creating his version of Rocco on

An interesting article on where Adrian Walters shares the creation process of his Space Wolf.

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  1. There is a lot a good stuff on I really appreciate the way Jason has decided to approach our hobby. Same compliments for you anyway 😉


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