Do Not Miss 2019 Week 21


A fiery Khorne version of the Chaos Varanguard.

Pinxit’s Ghur army is made of extraordinary conversions such as this one.

We like the painting with lots of interesting textures of this bust from Golem Art.

Great painting by REDAV on this model from the Limbo Eternal War Kickstarter.

Interesting choice of colours for the metallics and purple robe which really makes it look like velvet.

Very personal and different interpretation of the bust from Big Child.

Paloji’s next installment in his Blood Bowl diorama series is this minotaur being bogged down by some goblins.

Fun bust of a dwarf and his best friend, his lama.

Great paintjob on this 40mm from Hera Models.

We love the contrast of the greenish warband with the orange of the terrain.

A 75mm historical, a medieval soldier.

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