Do Not Miss 2019 Week 36


Clever combination of busts that transform the painting into almost a diorama. Really cool scene and idea.

We love the colour scheme on this Nurgle demon. It works wonders!

Erik’s version of this great bust from Robot Rocket Miniatures.

Very cinematic poster version of this model from Black Veil Models, with a background clearly inspired by the movie in which the figure is based on.

What a nice combination of colours for this great model sculpted by Sang-Eon Lee.

75mm Totem Huntress from Privateer Press. Winner of best in show at NOVA Open 2019.

Such a great and different use of metallic paints.

Miguel’s version of this figure from Big Child Creatives.

Fantastically visual photoprocess of Arnau’s NMM technique.

Roi’s very personal style applied on Mollog’s Warband for Warhammer Underworlds.

Very cool dynamic and movement in this shoot-out scene.

Sculpted by Nikita Ableev and painted by Stanislav Kurylenko.

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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