Do Not Miss 2019 Week 38


Designed by Piotr Czajka, sculpted by João Paulo Ferreira based on illustration by Jungon Kim, painted by Michal Pisarski “Lan”.

There are amazing details in this bust that make it very realistic, such as the carefully drawn hair strands.

Amazing paintjob on this sculpture by Allan Carrasco.

Amazing expression on this bust for Legion Miniatures.

What a wonderful display of cherry blossom colours in this Aeldari army.

Sculpted by Daniel Ciorba, painted by Artem Romanov.

Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov, painted by Sergey Popovichenko.

What a great result for a first attempt at painting a historical bust.

More wonderful Kingdom Death minis from Marina.

An interesting version of our Lord and Saviour, Sigmar. A paintjob on a rare sculpture from GW.

Always wear your protective mask at work!

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