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Now that we are going to review the newest reference from the catalogue of Terrible Kids Stuff, “Einan”, I would like to comment that one of the most important areas to consider when considering the painting of a miniature, is, without a doubt, the search for references and inspiration in the work of great illustrators. We look for colour combinations, lighting schemes, colour nuances and specific atmospheres that we want to depict in the scene of the miniature we want to tackle. There is nothing quite like revisiting great illustration masters, and among them, I am sure, we find Paul Bonner.


In the world of miniatures we have seen great pieces based on Paul’s illustrations, but always with unique pieces made exclusively for a contest or a project. A great example of this is the piece masterfully sculpted by Joaquín Palacios and painted also perfectly by Marc Masclans, where we can see, the cover of the famous book “Out of the forests… The Art of Paul Bonner” 100% loyally recreated. Another example is the scene painted by Diego Esteban “Dieguete“, where we see in the shape of a diorama another great scene from Bonner.
With pieces like these (many also sculpted by Joaquín Palacios “Freeman”) and others that have ended in the MuMi, miniature fans have experimented a feeling of envy for not having access to any sculpture based on the characters by ‘Bonner’. Except by some of the miniatures from the game “Freeboter’s Fate” or the extinct “Confrontation (Rackham)“, until now it was pretty much impossible to find a commercial reference based on Bonner’s art for everyone to purchase.

Born out of this other project “Borderland” now in the cabinets of MuMi, Terrible Kids Stuff (TKS from now on) is finally releasing the reference “Einan“, a superb resin sculpture in 75mm. Another great work from “Freeman” which represents the dwarf Einan riding a boar taken out of the scene “Borderland” just before being massacred by orcs.
This is a figure that we know has been waiting to be released for more than a year, and that I personally managed to buy in 2015 out of the blue when only a few pieces were liberated by TKS.
In my copy, ‘Einan’ comes armed only with a warhammer. The kit that is going to be released now comes with the option of an axe.


The Einan kit comes in two cardboard boxes typical from this company. A correct and functional packaging.


Once we unpack, we find that in one of the boxes we find the rider, and in the other the steed with the base included. A small folder contains the original concept from Roberto Cirillo. We are surprised initially by the size of the boar.




The assembly looks simple, as it fits perfectly and the pose will be great for quite a comfortable painting. The detail and the anatomy are exquisite and they provide a dynamic sensation which goes very well with the scene. I really liked that the figure is not carrying unnecessary items for combat, so this goes very well with the idea of a rider charging on top of a boar.


einan-terrible-kids-stuff-11einan-terrible-kids-stuff-10The detail in the expression, features of the face and sculpture of the lips and mouth are excellent.


Strong and thick hands, anatomically great and in line with the weapon and the rest of the body.


einan-terrible-kids-stuff-07 einan-terrible-kids-stuff-06

The legs enable a very diverse work in the clothing, where one can outline without a problem both the folds and wrinkles that fit perfectly with the ‘Slayer’ style pretended.


Enough gear to ride on a boar. 🙂



The second box contains both the base where we will pose the whole set (very easy to provide our own base instead), as well as the body of the boar. Once again, the pieces are only the ones necessary.



All the body and head of the steed and superbly detailed, with a fur that is very realistic and comfortable to paint. Kudos for the pieces of the head, that will let us work the inside very comfortably before building up the lower jaw. The body is cut in a way that the union will not be visible once assembled, and easing the minimum preparation work with putty required.


  • Einan is a miniature in the purest ‘Paul Bonner’ style
  • It’s complicated to find original dwarves riding a boar.
  • It’s a DWARF! There’s nothing but PROS, haha


  • Einan has been released as a limited edition of only 100 copies at a price to take into consideration.

You can purchase your copy of Einan at a price of 70,00 € + shipping in the website of Terrible Kids Stuff.

Sculpting Detail
Poses and expressions
Pieces and assembly
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