Do Not Miss 2016 Week 26


Box art by Kirill Kanaev of this French Grenadier bust for the Korean company Young Miniatures. Another superb masterclass of realism, texture and painting.

This miniature is based on the famous videogame franchise (and soon also a movie) ‘Assassins Creed’. Steve’s finesse in 30mm does wonders with this one!

A couple of Roman’s last creations, analyzed in detail in an article where he explains thoughts and considerations behind using blue and cold colours on these miniatures.

Sergio shows us now the painted version of the bust sculpted by Joaquin Palacios. These two make an amazing artist couple!

This unusual bust digitally sculpted by Raul García Latorre is the latest release from Galahad Miniatures. The box art this time is in the hands of Marc Masclans.

This is a 54mm sculpture by Gautier Giraud (Graphigaut) for the company Black Sun. Judging by the photos, it is going to be a very complicated casting!

A personal project by Olivier Bouchet, designed and sculpted by himself.

This is Enrique Velasco’s version of Jack in the Plucker. In this case he also followed the colours from box art and concept version, and the result is also magnificent.

Always a great pleasure to see Thomas David’s minis for Kingdom Death, these are no exception!

A very nice bust sculpted by Anthony Contorinis (with supervision from Michael Kontraros) and Francesco Farabi. Something different for sure!

Recently we were introduced to Mörback’s Blood Warriors, now he explains in detail how to achieve this wonderful tabletop level painting. Extremely useful!

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