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A few months ago we showed you a very interesting product from a Polish company that had recently started their business in the miniature world: Rage Craft Studio. The company especializes in 32mm miniatures, perfect for heroic tabletop games or as small showcase minis. We had the chance to review in detail their first three releases, The Inquisitor Knight, The Assassin Lady and The Vampire Wizard. Rage Craft Studio has recently released a new miniature, The Witch King, and we got our hands into one of these beauties. Let’s review today what you will find inside a box of The Witch King by Rage Craft. But make sure you read the review until the very end… you are in for a treat!


As with their first three miniatures, the first thing we notice is the packaging. Their products come wrapped in great quality packaging, and so does The Witch King. The box has the name of the company written in bright red letters and carved into the front of the box, and a sticker with the concept art illustration of the miniature on the back.

review-rage-craft-witch-king-01 review-rage-craft-witch-king-02

Rage Craft has left the previous designs for the box image, this one is much simpler and neater. Sometimes, as they say, less is more!

Together with The Witch King box we also received a postcard with the concept art for the miniature. It’s exactly the same art that appears on the sticker in the back of the box, just considerably bigger.

It’s very remarkable how loyal the miniature is to this concept art. You will see in a minute.


As you can see, the miniature represents an undead character, resting, armed by huge close combat weapons (the concept art shows a huge mace, but the miniature also comes with the option of a broad sword). The design is quite classic in its concept.

The miniature pieces come well protected inside the box, surrounded by foam, in a single plastic bag.


Once we take a look at the pieces separately, we are really surprised by the quality of the print and details. We are of the opinion that this sculpture is considerably better than the previous releases from Rage Craft. It’s very noticeable the quality of the details, the crisp and neat edges of all the details of the armour, and the close resemblance to the original concept art. Great work!

Also the casting is very clean, we see no mold lines or 3D printing lines (considering that this is, of course, a digitally sculpted model). High quality resin, hard and sturdy, robust and light. Perfect for gaming and also very smooth for demanding painters.

We couldn’t resist to assemble a couple of versions using the two different heads.

review-rage-craft-witch-king-11 review-rage-craft-witch-king-10

The miniature comes with two options for weapons as well as two different heads. That in itself provides a very versatile experience for the modeler to start with. We are talking about a miniature that can be used for gaming purposes or for showcase. The amount of detail and the quality of finishes, edges, casting and 3D print makes this miniature a premium product. Could very well lead your Undead forces or stand proud in your cabinet waiting for the next painting contest.


This miniature is a clear level up in the Rage Craft Studio line of miniatures. In this one clearly the company is juicing much more the potential quality from 3D sculpting. As we said, it seems this is the way to go for this kind of products and the guys at Rage Craft know it.


  • Classic concept that fits a wide variety of purposes, games or showcase ideas. It comes with different options as heads and weapons.
  • The packaging, very high quality for miniatures of this size.
  • Great quality material, cast and print. Easy assembly and close resemblance to the concept art.


  • The broad sword is clearly a worse option than the mace. From the front it looks really cool but seen from the side it is too thick, with no sharp edge.
  • The quality of this miniature sets the bar really high for future releases of Rage Craft.



And now that you made it to the end of this review, here’s a little gift. We contacted Rage Studio about this review and they have very kindly offered a special discount for all readers! Enter this discount code at checkout on the Rage Craft Studio page:


You will receive instant 13% discount on any purchase, as well as free shipment if you buy 3 or more miniatures.

The code works for only two days following the date when this review is published. So be hasty!

Here you can find the website of Rage Craft Studio. This is the link to The Witch King page, and also to their first three miniatures we already reviewed: The Inquisitor Knight, The Vampire Wizard and The Assassin Lady.

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