Do Not Miss 2016 Week 38


Banshee has painted one of the latest releases of Pegaso Models, this Roman Soldier in 90mm, quite an impressive exercise of textures he has achieved on a classic historical piece.

Multipart kits are always a great joy for modellers everywhere. This kit from FeR Miniatures is going to be a great hit thanks to this, modelled by Oriol Quin. What a great idea to bring multipart kits to bigger sizes!

Raúl García Latorre never disappoints. This bust of a RFC Pilot is another great example of his talents. Such effectiveness in simplicity!

Garandur Silver Wolf is a savage elf warrior, noble yet wild, just as the wolf pelt he is carrying over his shoulders. Great miniature in 70mm from Joaquin Palacios Studio.

Emuse continues his quest to paint a Space Marine per month, these are the last two he painted. Only three months left and the quest is done!

The latest miniature from Jonatan Monerris (Peter Punk Productions) for FeR Miniatures is this bust of some kind of Terminator they have called ‘The Executor’.

Golden Horn is the title of this miniature that Roman Lappat shows us how to paint in detail. Another great Step by Step article on Massive Voodoo.

This is Texas Ranger, a miniature from the company Valkyria painted beautifully by Polish painter REDAV.

Red Riding Hood is the name of this bust from Tiny Leads, based on this classic character, sculpted by Pedro Fernández and painted by May Aguilar.

The Spanish sculptor Javi Ureña is working lately for important companies such as Corvus Belli (Infinity) or Privateer Press (Warmachine/Hordes). This is his latest contribution to the Hordes catalogue, a Gargantuan for Circle of Orboros that is really awesome!

What a great painting in this Asura from Infinity: The Game.

Seems like Marina really likes these Kingdom Death pin ups! And we also do!

Marina Ainagoz (Ringil) painted this Avicenna Mercenary Doctor which was presented in the Warcrow contest in Interplanetario a couple of weeks ago and won Silver on its category. These photos show how impressive the painting was!

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