Do Not Miss 2016 Week 45


Some great names of the Italian community are collaborating with Pegaso to create a new miniature line. This new endeavour has been called Kimera, and this is the new release, Dumah the Lord of Bones. This version is painted by Robert Carlsson.

And this is the version of Dumah from Kimera Models painted by Ben Komets.

Absolutely stunning version of Glottkin painted by polish master C’Tan.

David’s new miniature is again the Slayersword worthy winner of Golden Demon: Enemies of the Imperium celebrated this weekend in the Warhammer World.

Martin’s painting on this bust by Allan Carrasco for LeBen Models is stunning.

This great sculpture by Joaquín Palacios reminds us of a very recent one he did for his own line, this one however will be part of the Black Sun Miniatures catalogue.

Pepa’s work is always a must, and reading her thoughts on the process is priceless.

The new release from Hera Models is this dwarf in 75mm sculpted by Raúl García Latorre. Very ‘Raulesque’ indeed!

This light and ambience exercise by Roman is a great example of how to achieve an awesome result while not concentrating on the polishing. Did I hear #fucksmoothness?

The next dragon by Karol Rudyk is this huge kit he will release as a limited edition.

Very nice and oniric take on this bust by Monstroys.

Carmine sculpts this amazing diorama and has it painted with the help of some painter friends.

Amazing paintjob of this new miniature from Games Workshop by the Czech painter Tomáš Pekař.

Awesome sculpture by Roberto Chaudon as a commission as usual for Mierce Miniatures.

Gareth is now concentrating on his line of 15mm miniatures, and he shows us the process of painting one of them. Awesome!

Needed some guidance on painting tartans? This article on figurementors might be very helpful for you.

Explanatory tutorial on making forest bases in the blog Coloured Dust.

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