Do Not Miss 2017 Week 14


Incredible sculpture by Sang-Eon Lee on a character portrayed by Brad Pitt.

Impressive colour choice on this boxart by Luis Gómez Pradal for Black Crow miniatures, on the sculpture by Romain Van den Bogaert.

Another great article in, this time a highly comprehensive and useful review of oil paints by Kyle Kolbe.

Designed and sculpted in 3D by Luke Starkie for Karol Rudyk’s miniature line.

Based on concept art by Adrian Prado, Sergio beautifully paints these Dragyiri for Dark Age.

Romain’s version of the Monkey King in 1/10 scale.

The boxart version by Banshee of this miniature from Kabuki Models.

We so love all good fantasy style paintjobs on historical pieces. The painting by Marko on a Knight of the Teutonic Order is a great example.

Great paintjob on this inspiring and amazing bust by Sang-Eon Lee.

Original sculpture for the Kickstarter by Blacksmith Miniatures on Jean Baptiste Monge’s designs.

The paintjob by Matthieu on this miniature originally sculpted by Patrick Masson.

Josua’s version of The Wizard of Agni from Ben Komets miniatures.

It’s very interesting to see sketching and noise textures applied to tabletop miniatures. Great work!

Very effective paintjob of the Terminator Armour by Gareth Nicholas. Check out the extreme close-ups!

Who doesn’t want to have armies like the ones Mörback builds?

Scale 75 has partnered with SIXMOREVODKA to release a limited edition of some of their most iconic characters from their DEGENESIS universe.

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