Presenting ‘Brushes of the Underworlds’


It’s been almost 4 full years since the last challenge we organized among friends: painting a Kill Team.

During that time, in addition to the activity on this website, as you know, we have been brodcasting The Big 3 podcast on Ivoox (in Spanish). About a year and a half ago we made the jump to Twitch, and since then we have been regularly holding 2-hour Painting Sessions about 3 times a week, and a monthly thematic debate program on various topics from our beloved world of miniatures.

In one of these painting sessions we remembered the challenges on the website (Kill Team was already the third of them) and I think it took us less than 3 minutes to decide to do the one challenge we planned to do and never did: a painting challenge related to Warhammer Underworlds. Here we are!

The issue is that we published the initiative on our socials and the reception has been… well, let’s say it has gotten out of hand… and on this occasion we are going to track the first 30 participants on the websire, leaving the rest of the contenders to participate with the hashtag #big3underworlds on Instagram, and then review them in depth in our Twitch live streams and in future posts in the website.

The rules established for this challenge are simple:

  • 2 months to paint 1 warband of any edition of Underworlds to the maximum level.
  • Checkpoint every 15 days.

And that’s it! In the end the public will choose their favorite, so we will try to get everyone to apply their highest level of paint. With this, we are going to directly introduce the first 30 participants:

I've been waiting for this moment for years. I'm the biggest fan of Underworlds, so this is my challenge!
It was difficult for me to choose a band because I have them all. I had been considering painting Hedkrakka's Madmob for some time because they are really cool. And they are also very good at the game. Plus they might be my entry for the next Golden Demon.
I'm so excited that it's going to fall short for me to paint just one band. When this challenge is over, we'll do another one, right?
Instagram: @volomir_miniatures
Twtich: the_big3_tv
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Well, here we go again... When Volomir and Nor started to raise the topic live on our Twitch, I already knew inevitably that I was in. Also, this band will serve as another entry for me to the Golden Demon in Essen. So let's go!
Instagram: @paloji83
Twtich: the_big3_tv
Well, I'm Nor and I think I'm the main culprit in this whole mess. We love to get in these messes, my god...
As you know, I have been directing the Big3 live shows for years and in one of the broadcasts we got warmed up and, anyway, here we are, with another classic “tale of painters”. I hope you enjoy it and follow us in our progress.
Instagram: @nor_miniatures
Twtich: the_big3_tv
Hello, I'm xavi and sometimes I read, assemble and color minis since remote and dark times.
Instagram: @xavier_ruiz_marti
Facebook: xavier.ruizmarti
My nickname is ph0b0s, I am a video game programmer by profession whose passion (and frustration in equal parts) is everything related to artistic expression and in this case, painting miniatures. Despite having been coming and going in this world for a long time, during the pandemic with the birth of my first daughter I had a forced break and when I started to get out of the hole I got involved with a second little one five months ago, so the time I spent This challenge is going to be pure gold stolen from the dream and given the impossibility, I am already sure of being able to travel to the Golden Demon, so I will try to remove the thorn by painting at the highest level.
Instagram: @ph0b0s4
I'm Oscar, although everyone always calls me Troncho, I've been painting minis as a hobby since 2013 more or less and I'm one of the lucky few who, instead of evolving in technique and skill, regress, making each piece worse than the previous one XD , and if not... you will see the results of this challenge!!!!
Instagram: @manchandominis
Everyone knows me because of Berek and I think I have already participated in all the painting activities on this website. Also, I liked the idea of being able to prepare one more entry for the Golden Demon in Germany at the same time, so I couldn't miss it... I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we do!!
Instagram: @berek_ps
Hello, I'm Carlos, I started in this minis thing back in approximately 2010, and since then I've been here ruining minis... For 3 years I've been painting more than one 28mm a year... Learning.
Instagram: @carlosnavarrohernando
Well here we go... My first time painting Underworlds, my first time in a challenge of this caliber but with a tremendous desire to do something worthy!! Let it be noted that I don't just know how to speak and make voices and that even though I am not a high-level painter like most of the people here, I can defend myself by sticking my brushes in the eyes of others. Let's go for it!! No matter what illusion it isn't!!!!
@Pincel_de_stratos // @paladines_de_terra
I'm Toni (CHK) and since the departure of AOS third grade I fell under the charm of the Kruleboyz and they have been my army this entire edition. I missed painting some of the few new items that they have been releasing and just after buying the new band I found out about the challenge, so here we are, ready to get the maximum shine out of my Daggok Stabbers!
Instagram: @chkminis
Twitch: chk_studio
I'm Alberto, known in the community as "Winterland". With a few years of experience, I am passionate about this universe of figures at any scale and theme, and I am also always prepared to get into trouble like these. See you!!
Instagram: @albertowinterland
I'm Yugutine and I've come to stay, chew badges!!
Instagram: @yugutine
Dennis R. Liria alias M4t4_m0nit0s, painter in mode "because why not" since 2002/2003 (although he had already had contact with Warhammer around the end of the 90s) Bronze Demon in diorama category in Madrid 2009.
Instagram: @m4t4_m0nit0s
I'm Miriam, a space wolf who took to painting in quarantine and here we continue.

With "a little" pressure from Paloji I ended up getting into trouble.
I hope I can finish this challenge and take it to the GD so that my sensei can be proud of me.
Instagram: @luckynerd.miriam
My name is David, I work as a hairdresser and I am (like all of us) passionate about miniatures. And like most of us, I started in this world with the Warhammer Fantasy issues almost 28 years ago. I had been painting for several years and had a pretty big break until a year before the pandemic. From then on I haven't stopped accumulating plastic and painting it.
Instagram: @uriminiatiras
My name is Enric, also known as Fenrik on social networks. I have become one of the leading painters in the Nordic countries, given the lack of tradition in the area. I started wargaming in the 90s and after moving to Norway in 2017, I took up miniature painting again. Now I dedicate myself to it as a commissioned painter for collectors and companies.
Instagram:    @fenrikstudio
Youtube:       @fenrikstudio

Too new! Preorder Band 😀

Hello, I'm Bralospaint, maybe you remember me from "the twitch blanket" or "he moves his hands". I have come to this challenge as a representation of the painters of the mythical 1933. I hope that this challenge does not consume the little that I have left of my painting genius. So as a grown-up would say: Al turrooooon!
Instagram: @bralospaint
Twitch: bralospaint
Hello! I am Sandro Casas and I started painting minis in 2011. While browsing the internet I came across the figure of a marine and my curiosity was piqued, since then this hobby completely absorbed me, always trying to improve my painting level. Very excited to participate in this challenge and give it my all! Hold my drink!
Instagram: @sandruk81
I am Alberto, host of the podcast Pintando en Miniatura, I paint for hobby and experimentation. In this challenge I will try something that gives me a lot of respect, the setting as the protagonist, let's see what comes out!
@lozanoencinas // @pintando_en_miniatura
I'm KesselPainter, passionate about painting miniatures and the Warhammer universe. I have spent years perfecting my technique and enjoy sharing my creations with other enthusiasts.
Instagram: @kesselpainter
Hello, I'm Jesús, 33 years old, resident in Berlin and a miniature painter since 2000. I started like everyone else with Warhammer and discovered that I had a better time painting than playing. I spent my teenage years studying Golden Demon Winner instead of socializing, and here we are still in my thirties. Although I only collect finalist pins (I haven't gone beyond that), I have participated in every Golden Demon I can since I set foot in Germany in 2018, enjoying the trip and the company of some of my childhood idols.
Instagram:    @fordiewemust
I'm Anathar!
I got here because I basically have a hard time finishing projects and this challenge is great for me to force me to finish the band and work under pressure.
Instagram: @_anathar_
I'm Sturm! Born in Tenerife in 1989, I inherited my father's passion for modeling. Since then, I have built models of various makes and models, including those from Games Workshop. During my time at university in Zaragoza, I continued to hone my tank assembly skills. In 2016, I joined the Canary Team, where I found a like-minded community. Thanks to the influence of two key people, I embarked on this exciting challenge with them.
Instagram: @sturmmodellieren
Facebook: sturmmodellieren
I am Jorge Ros, also known as Grafikmonki on networks. Trained in illustration, I returned to painting miniatures about 4 years ago, after a hiatus dating back to approximately 2007. As a painter, I seek to constantly challenge myself and learn in every project I embark on. During this time, I have explored on my own, trying to emulate techniques and styles of other hobby artists online. This challenge is presented as a great opportunity to receive feedback and improve my work.
Instagram: @grafikmonki
Twitch: grafikmonki
Hello, I'm Marco, a method painter, not at all conventional, always given to experimenting in the moment, innovating and learning, but always having fun and sharing.
Instagram: @mhr_miniatures_painter
I've been working on miniatures/models for so long that I don't even remember,…my entire life. But what I do remember is the first time I saw a Citadel mini,... there in a shop window, in its blister pack and to this day I have remained dazzled. Since I've been on a break for a while now, I let myself be fooled by this crowd to paint again, even if it's by whiplash, and finish the challenge.
Hi, I'm Carlos, also known as IAN on BIG3 and as I AM BROCCOLISALAD on Twitch. I started in the hobby of painting miniatures at the age of 7-8 with Warhammer Fantasy. Although I stopped painting for a while due to skateboarding, during the pandemic I resumed the hobby thanks to Grosso's Twitch channel. I explored new painting styles and now I am on my third attempt to return to painting, motivated by channels such as NachoGonzalezArt and BIG3. And here we are!!

Instagram: @iambroccolisalad
I am Javier Rodríguez Lozano, aka javipaintsminis. When I was 10 or 11 years old (centuries ago!), I discovered the world of Warhammer and fell in love with it. For years I painted some little thing erratically. It wasn't until the end of 2019 that I returned to the hobby, and it was precisely thanks to Underworlds. During this time I have been painting more and better, and a constant has been the Underworlds gangs, of which I have painted 17 complete (and several half), so obviously I had to sign up for the challenge.

Instagram: @javipaintsminis
I'm Mario Rueda Garzón. I have been painting for so many years that I remember the beginnings of the Spanish Team, although lately I paint mostly historical, I have never stopped buying gray plastic from Gw, and sometimes I even paint them.

Instagram: @marioruedaminiaturas
Hello, I'm Rosa, I don't know why I get into all this trouble with how slow I am at painting, but I was very envious of the nice setup you've set up, so here we go!

Instagram: @estudioenrosa

And these are the lucky 30 that we will closely follow on the website. But there are many more who have joined us on the networks, whom we will also follow up on. We will even do crossover with other channels and websites, quite a movement! Do you want to participate? You’re still on time! Tag all your progress photos on networks with #big3underworlds. And that’s it!

Remember, deadline to finish the challenge: May 28.

Let’s go!

Unconditionally passionate about our hobby, Norberto Álvarez has been in love with figures and static modeling since he was 11 years old. Nor is an active and enterprising collaborator of many projects related to our community, contributing with ideas, work on social networks and the Internet. A regular in national events wherever they are, huge advocate of hobbying with good beer and friends ;)


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