A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 3 painted points results


August is normally a month for holidays in many countries in the northern hemisphere. But not for the Warlords! The deadline for the dreaded Checkpoint 3 was August 15, right in the middle of the summer holidays, so no rest for them!

As you know, this Checkpoint marked the end of the first half of the painting campaign, and all the Warlords had to report at least 500 points as painted, or be eliminated from the game. Many of them were in very serious danger of underachieving and be left out. Well, the sad truth is that not all the Warlords made it to the other side… but you will be surprised to see how many did!

Checkpoint 3

Let’s review the rules for the campaign one more time:

  • Each participant will share their progress monthly.
  • After 3 months, there will be an important date (15/08/2017), in which each warlord must show that they have painted at least 500 points. Those who failed in this task at the 3 month checkpoint will be eliminated from the challenge.
  • After 6 months (15/11/2017) each participant will have to demonstrate the painting of a complete list of 1,000 points. Only those who made it to the end of the campaign will be submitted to the ruling of the audience who will determine which warlord did the best job.

The third month is gone now, so let’s see what they had to show for their hard work at this very important point in the campaign.

Order Alliance

To the surprise of many, some folks that were in serious danger of being left out, did make it to the other side. Kudos to our lords of the Kharadron (Mitico and Paloji), the Master of Aelves (Volomir) and Bard of the Oldschool Forest (Mariano) who went full throttle to finalize their 500 points in time. Gryndal also managed to finish, 460 points that mark the first half of this 1,000 point army. Not strictly 500, but half the list as agreed at the beginning!

But the road went grey and colourless for Mr. X. His Stormcasts did not make it to the other side, and he is the first Warlord to be eliminated from the game. We will never get to discover what his real identity was!

Chaos Alliance

As expected, Chaos did not even sweat to get to this point. Look at those bars… amazing work! Javi as you know is basically doing something else than painting for this campaign at this point, while Phobos and Armando worked hard to achieve their 500 points each. Well done Chaos!

Destruction Alliance


The boys from Destruction have surprised everyone. Especially Berek, who was the favourite to be eliminated from the game. All of them make it to the other side. We can’t wait to see the progress from them all, especially Berek and Lucas, from whom we haven’t seen any colours yet. We may be surprised… Mommel and Nor also have a lot of things to show for those more than 500 points they painted!

Individual Ranking

It’s time to check now the individual ranking, based on points painted.

The points individual ranking is led, and its already three months in a row, by Javi, who completed the 1,000 point goal in the second month. I would say this guy burnt all the fuel very early and now pretty much nobody cares about him. Sorry man, you should have thought about it earlier! XD

The ranking has changed quite a bit for the rest, since Checkpoint 3 was like having a razor blade to their necks. They have worked like crazy to deliver, and they have!

Mitico is now the first runner up with more than 850 points painted in the first half of the campaign. Coming closer to completion!

The rest of the Warlords are doing fine at this point, Mariano, Phobos, Mommel, Paloji, Volomir, Berek, Nor, Armando, Lucas and Gryndal managed to paint slightly above their due. Some have sweated blood to get there, but they managed in the end, and we are enormously proud for them doing so. Great job!

It is time however to say farewell to Mr. X. His Stormcasts were very promising, but sadly they have been left as that, just a promise. Some say the future is not so dark for them… but this Tale will no longer tell stories of their adventures. A sad day for Sigmar.


And now the best part: in the next few days we will share pictures of the progress made by each Warlord.

All of them have very interesting things to show us! There’s more Step by Step articles and awesome miniatures waiting for you. Remember that we strongly need your opinions because at the end of the campaign we will vote on the preferred Warlord of the audience. We must take into account both the progress level followed throughout the campaign and the painting standard of the minis achieved in the end. Also, you will give some extra morale to the Warlords by sharing your thoughts, comments and opinions. Make sure they feel your energy!

Stay tuned!

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