Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower


Today we bring you something really especial! A complete unboxing of the new Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.


We have been following very closely all the news regarding the new Games Workshop boardgame, and we were very excited about it. The miniatures looked awesome, and the idea of mixing the old Heroquest/Warhammer Quest with the rebooted Warhammer Age of Sigmar world, could be very promising for the future of GW’s franchise. Though it seems funny to me that a company that was very proud of considering itself a “models company” is now constantly releasing new games! Anyway, we are going to review the Spanish version of the game, let’s dive right in:

This is the unopened box.


Quick view at the opened box. Lots of goodies!


First, these are the non-sprue contents of the box. There’s two books, one Quick Start guide, and a Adventure Quest book, then we have the Warscrolls that describe the stats of each of the characters included in the game, plus lots of cards, dice, bases and instructions for miniature assembly.


These are all the sprues that come in the box, they form a very nice shape when put all together! As you can see theres a couple of sprues that seem a bit odd. Those are the ones for the main characters. It would seem like those are four completely separate sprues that have been put together for the purpose of the box, but would suggest that somehow, the characters could be sold separately in the future? The other sprues, two exact copies of the same sprue, contain all of the regular minions of the box.


These are the adventure cards which show ways of setting up the game and missions.


These are the event cards (Exploration cards), in two different colours.


These are the warscrolls, very nice cards that describe what each character can do in the game.


The warscrolls show nice pictures of the painted versions of the minis on the back.


The assembly instruction booklet. From what we can see, the instructions are very detailed and all the parts fit perfectly, something that Games Workshop is absolutely the best at.


Let’s see now some quick pics of the Adventure Quest book.


There’s a part that shows all of the characters in the box nicely painted by the ‘Eavy Metal team.

23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13


The familiars are quite a nice addition!

26 25

The quick start guide, that show instructions on how to quickly set up and play the game.


These are the board pieces included in the game, there’s quite a lot of them in good quality cardboard.


And now let’s take a careful look at the important part, the miniature sprues.

Excelsior War Priest & Gryph Hound (Free People) – The priest

29 30

Tenebrand Shard (Aelf) – The rogue

m3 m2

Fyreslayer Doomseeker (Dwarf) – The dwarf

m5 m4

Mistweaver Saith (Aelf) – The mage

m6 m7

Darkoeth Chieftain (Free Peple) – The barbarian

m10 fata1

Knight Questor (Stormcast Eternal) – The paladin

m13 m14

Gaunt Summoner (Tzeentch Sorcerer)

m9 m8

Ogroid Traumaturge

m21 m20 m19 m18

The minions sprue (there are two copies of this one). There’s basically 42 miniatures (21 in each sprue):

Click the pic to see the sprue in detail.
Click the pic to see the sprue in detail.
  • 2x Skaven Deathrunners
  • 8x Familiars
  • 6x Tzaangors (Beastmen)
  • 8x Kairic Acolytes
  • 2x Pink Horrors
  • 4x Blue Horrors
  • 4x pairs of Brimstone Horrors
  • 8x Grot Scuttling

You can see in the pictures, the sprues show the standard GW plastic quality, which is over the top, in our opinion the best you can get for tabletop minis in this size. Games Workshop plastic is great for both painting and transforming, and our top choice for modelling purposes. As you know, Games Workshop sets very high prices for this, and that’s the bad part. In this particular case, the box comes with 50 miniatures, from which 7 can be individual minis that retail at very high prices, and one small monster. All in all, given the current Games Workshop prices, and considering that for the price of the box you also get a whole boardgame, this is a huge bargain.

We consider this a product that can boost the penetration of Age of Sigmar, especially considering that you will be able to play with the rest of the AoS range in Warhammer: Quest Silver Tower. Actually, as an extra goodie, purchasing the box in FLGS stores will get you a whole set of foil Warscroll cards that will cover for the complete existing AoS character releases so far. Very good move Games Workshop!


Pros: Top quality sculpting, material, packaging and final product for a very fair price. And it is also a game you can play with! Games Workshop boxed sets are a must in our opinion and this is no exception.

Cons: We would have preferred it in the old Warhammer World. This is a great product that can boost Warhammer Age of Sigmar to a completely new level. We are just afraid this could be a trap for your pockets in the future!

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  1. AoS is fantastic. I’m not saying that the Old Warhammer wasn’t! But that cannot be a CON! And it’s a welcomed trap! XD

  2. By the way, plastic from GW as you say is fantastic. Plus, let’s take into account that is Made in the UK, what adds to the price I guess

    • Yeah, that certainly adds to the price. Games Workshop learnt the lesson of the importance of keeping your IP out of China… XD

    • James, I’m afraid I can’t really answer that at this point. I haven’t read the rules yet… 🙂 If I find out I will let you know!

    • I don’t have it in front of me at the moment… but from the top of my head I would say they are about 40mm wide, more or less… I would need to confirm that. It fits the new standard base for Space Marines.


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