A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 1 Destruction Alliance updates


Let’s review the updates coming from House Destruction!

Alliance Destruction Checkpoint 1


The leader of the Destruction boys up to this point is Mommel. He has fulfilled his duty and is the only one that is progressing exactly as he should go to reach the goal.

He painted an Orruk Warboss! And he is sharing with us the process that he followed. Let’s take a look!

  1. Although I did not photograph this part of the process, I applied the typical black and white primer spray in the areas that I was most interested in to highlight later. After this, I played with several oranges trying to get a saturated and vibrant colour. In general I would say that any bright orange is good because then we will add fluor orange. In my case, I used Vallejo (bright orange and orange… well, this other orange has long lost its name in the pot, but I think it is just an ‘average’ orange). I also tried with oranges from the range of Scale fantasy games, but I did not like it, and I tried them in different parts and I’d say it doesn’t really matter which orange to use. The important component is the fluor orange starting from a bright base colour. Some slight shading with matte red and then very dark purple would leave the base ready.

    From there on I focused on the black areas (adding scratches and cuts randomly and without excessive care, some with a sharp brush and sometimes with open bristles) and painted the skin in the base colour (you can see that in the arm). I also put some work on the head. For this, I started from a very desaturated base, a very brown green, but then I added very saturated greens to the highlights, bile green kind, as well as parchment white to brighten everything a bit more. GW’s cohelia greenshade served to give it an extra point of green while highlighting shadows.
  2. I continued completing the black parts and painted the huge T-rex skull on the shoulder. I found it important because it is a very large element and has a very specific colour, so it would help me complete the upper part of the figure and also establish a standard of contrast and illumination in the figure. I worked it with texture, stippling, scratching and adding satin colours in the shadows. It is a very easy and grateful way of painting that delivers good results in organic parts, like this one.
  3. At this point you see a big change in the orange. Firstly, because the first photos may not show the colour very accurately. But, mainly, because I added some washes with druchii violet, a GW shade, to mark the multivolumes of the armour without spending too much time. Also, adding the scratches defined the armour, but they also darkened it. This happened because there are a lot of angles and reliefs that are affected by the weathering and the dark scratches on the armour.
  4. In this phase the model is almost finished, although in reality the process is very simple. I fixed the problem of losing the collar of the chest by adding a skull from a banner standard, also from Orks (sorry, I cannot avoid calling them that way), and adding some putty to correct the parts affected by the lack of the original piece. Afterwards, it was a question of finishing the green areas, outlining the edges with two levels of light (sunny skintone and ice yellow in specific areas) and working a bit more the highlights lost in the knee and chest.
    The axe is painted gray (following a very basic lighting with airbrush with aero) and then added various layers of vallejo smoke and black ink with smoke to create that severely dirty and disgusting look of metal. I made the blood with Clear Red from Tamiya and black ink, in layers of different colour (to have different levels of blood freshness) and added a few cuts with brownish gray, in different intensities, to add a little texture to the axe. Sometimes it is good to give a light layer of smoke, scratch, smoke again, scratch, re-smoke… to create scratches of different ages (that’s what I did here).
    Of course the worn tribal paintings and the rust drips add a level of detail to the plate, which otherwise would be very dull. The reason for choosing blue-green rust is to make it stand out, since normal brown-orange oxide, logically, would hardly be seen. Bless Fantasy settings, they allow these things.
  5. Final pictures: here you can see the finished head, and the model is basically lacking the base and some details that I forgot about. For the base I used a bicomponent putty like Milliput, I added some small stones and created a pool of blood with synthetic water (Still Water by vallejo, although there are better ones). Adding the skull gave it an extra point that may seem silly, but adds detail to a base that is not very spectacular. I hope you liked it!

Mommel’s list is still the same:

“- Boss, Fhlez success, lot of paint for your powerosity!
-Uhm… good good, Orkvinci. Paint great armour of colour fireballinmountain, Fhlez do great job. Fhlez my new big boss.
-But boss, if he great boss then he bigger boss than boss!
-Uhm… Orkvinci, you very smart… Mizkel Azkel, kill him. You now big boss painting armour.
-But Baksi boss… rhhahrhghgggg

-Mizkel Azkel serve boss Baksi -bows while some blood drips on his forehead.
-Good. Now me bigger boss.
-The… master boss!
-Uhm… me like Master Boss. Very smart… but beware too much very smart, Mizkel Azkel.
-Mizkel Azkel not think more, Master Boss. Mizkel Azkel paints only armour with new paint!
-Good lad. Prepare Arboys soon, must attack bigger cities… paint is good, big power…”

Boss Baksi Master Baksi Journal, tome III, pg.39


Lucas has not reported any painting progress. But that is because he wanted to show you exactly what he had done with some putty over his group of Orruks.

Hey there! Well, here are my first 500 points.

I couldn’t help myself and I had to convert things! I did not want to work too much, just something simple and fast.
I was not very much attracted by the concentration of plaques and armour worn by the Ironjawz, nor megaweapons, so I opted for something more Wildz, as long as the miniatures allowed me.

I wanted the Brutes to be all barefoot. The back plates were perfect for a scaly skin, and the heads of Lizardmen Terradons could fit very well to fill the volume of the shoulder pads. The scales are made with Liquid Green Stuff.

I modified Kabumm Mazpallá Kepaka’s pose and I put a vulture, since he will be set in the desert.

The goregruntas would have the face modified enough to make them look more like pigs. I removed spikes all over, and generally modified the poses of riders and saddle. The riders’ torsos are from Brutes, also.

And that’s all! Now I “only” need to finish conversions and paint!


It seems like Berek’s Ogors have also gone through a putty treatment. Some minor arrangements, and they will be ready to go through the brush machinery. However… they are still stuck in the workshop, so Berek did not want to show us much at the moment. Little progress reported and everything looks very ninja-like.

So basically things are not looking very good for him! His list also remains unchanged.


Warlord Norberto has literally defined his progress as ‘a sadness. He barely has progress to show, and prefers to wait to have something more solid to show at a later Checkpoint.

Nor’s list continues to be the same:

Since Nor has been able to make some progress as their points indicate, this may all be a strategy of their Grots to see what the rest is doing and act accordingly in the next four weeks. Otherwise, things are not looking that good either for his Orruks&Grots!

So far, this is all we have to show from the paladins of Destruction.

Beware because Chaos is coming to show their progress… stay tuned!

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