A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 1 Order Alliance updates


To complete the progress from this first Checkpoint, let’s take a look at that the members of the Order Alliance have done.

Aliance Order Checkpoint 1

The Order Alliance is the most numerous, but judging by the progress so far, it is clear that quality and quantity are not hand in hand…

Mr. X

Mr. X is the only one reporting that he is maintaining a pace enough to reach Checkpoint 3 in good terms (the paintoff point). His Stormcasts march steadily but under great secrecy…

For the moment, Mr. X does not want to show any of his painting updates, since showing them would reveal the secret plans that Sigmar is going to follow to achieve his vengeance. For now we will have to trust his word, for he wants to maintain silence about his whole army…

Is Mr. X following Nor’s strategy? One could think that Mr. X wanted to take advantage of the reports coming from the Chaos Alliance which is proudly airing all their progress, and use this intelligence to strike back by surprise. Let’s see!


Gryndal’s Dispossessed seem to be on track. More or less. His serial painting plan is coming to fruition. But in this first Checkpoint it seems like he does not have a lot of graphic stuff to show.

At the beginning, I assumed that June’s Checkpoint was going to be madness because these are my most complicated months. However, it has been great to get my hands dirty and get a sense of the situation.

Some time ago I painted this Dwarf Lord, which I always regarded as one of the best from the whole GW range, and the idea is to maintain the uniform and the environment of the bases throughout the campaign (obviously this one does not count towards the points).

Therefore, my first objective where the Hammerers. I chose a classic scheme with metallic armour, with red for the sleeves and turquoise for the shields.

Since this is such an expensive unit in points (200) I am not to scared for being a bit behind, but I do need to get serious for the next Checkpoint.

Did he just show us a dwarf that does not count for the campaign? These guys from the Order Alliance are in serious trouble…


The crown’s jewel from Order is Mariano without a shadow of doubt. We’ll let you judge by yourselves.

For the first part of the campaign, I wanted to take it easy, so I decided that I only wanted to paint just a couple of miniatures; yes, only two miniatures!!! It’s so fun to see the rest of my colleagues ‘crying’ because of the amount of miniatures they have to paint …

Well, I have begun by giving life to the spirit of Durthu, whom I affectionately call ‘Tronki’. The rest of the companions at the campaign call him ‘the abortion’ but I thik it is because they are overwhelmed with everything they have to paint and that most of them have no sensitivity to the ‘oldhammer’ style.

The miniature is in base colours, and only the two arms on the left are finished.

OK, I leave you with the Tronki awakening song ‘Revenge is all around’ (Wet Wet Wet copied an ancient elves song to create his big hit ‘Love is all around’)

You feel it in your boughs
You feel it in your roots
The fear is all around you
And so the feeling grows

It’s written on the wind
It’s everywhere on the woods
So if you really love the wellspring (of Lawën)
Come on and wake up now

You know it’s magic, it has always being
The Queen has came you know that feel
There’s no beginning, there’ll be no end
‘Cause on your strength we can depend

I see your face before me
As I lay on my dreams
You cannot get still
After all the things they did

You gave your promise to me and I gave mine to you
I need someone beside me for the revenge I want to do

You know I need you, I always will
My mind’s broken up by the pain that I feel
There’s no beginning, there’ll be no end
‘Cause on revenge we can depend

You feel the pain it is growing

It’s written in the wind
Oh you know what I need
So if you really really love me,
Come on and wake up you now,
Come on and wake up you now,
Come on and fight,
Come on and fight,
Come on and wake up you now,
Come on and fight,
Come on and fight,
Come on and wake up you now,
Come on and wake up you now,
Come on and wake up you now.

We definitely have nothing else to add.


We’re coming closer to the lower part of the table. Mitico is a painter that is above us all, so he decided to ignore the first Checkpoint.

This is the photo he sent us about the progress he made.

Incredible servos from the Kharadron’s! Oh… wait…

This guy rules. And yes, his list continues with no further change.

And with no further progress.


Same story here. Seems like the Kharadron Overlords will take a bit to make an appearance.

We’re already in the first Checkpoint? My rivals have painted something? As you can see I decided to give them a bit of an advantage. Just so my superiority does not become too evident… I wouldn’t want to abuse my position… let’s make things more interesting… hahaha

Now seriously, my first Checkpoint has been a huge mess because I basically haven’t been able to do anything, first because I was trying to finish my entry for Golden Demon 2017, and then because I basically moved! Because of this I didn’t have my workshop operational, but as you can see in the pictures, it is almost ready in my new home!

After this first Checkpoint you will all see… xD

We don’t know what his picture is for, maybe to sell those on eBay? In the meantime, the list remains the same.


To finish with the embarrassing show by the Order Alliance, we get to Volomir. The perverted mind behind the idea of the Warlords campaign is not leading by example and scores a beautiful 0 in his progress bar.

Well, the reality is not as bad as it looks. I did make some progress really, but since I am painting serially and I haven’t been able to complete a single miniature, I thought adequate to mark my progress as null. Anyway, this is the first Checkpoint and we are not painting for our lives… yet…

I began with the 10 Reavers from my list and I am following the same process I used for the Reavers I painted some time ago. The problem is now that painting them in this way takes a long time and I think I will have to work harder or I believe I won’t have enough time…

I also have a dilemma regarding the bases. Everything that I have is on square bases because of WFB and I’m not sure if I should switch to round bases for AoS or not. Should I? What would you guys do?

The good news is that something just arrived to help me complete the task…

With this brush size 6 I am sure no detail will be left unpainted!

Now we are talking! Let’s get to it!

Theoretically, the list remains unchanged… for now.

Judging by the very sad excuses by Volomir, we are sure that he will change the list in the last minute so he can paint something that does not take too much time and spends a lot of points… just wait and see!

That ends the progress report from all the participants in the campaign at this first Checkpoint.

So how do you guys see the campaign so far? Who are your candidates to fall on Checkpoint 3? Who are your favourites?

If you are liking the Tale so far, leave us a pretty comment to motivate our Warlords!

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  1. In regards to square v.s. round bases, I find that I’m not playing 8th edition WHFB anymore, and circle bases look nicer in skirmish type games. So, I’d go with the circle base for your reavers, volomir.


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