Announcing ‘Golden Demon Age of Sigmar’


demonNot long after this year’s Golden Demon, which took place last May in Coventry during the Warhammer Fest, Games Workshop announces another Golden Demon contest. This time however, Games Workshop revisits the idea of the the mini Golden Demons.

It will take place during Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day.

Last year we had Golden Demon Tanks and Golden Demon Space Marines. It made sense that we would also have a Golden Demon Age of Sigmar at some point. But will this be the last one in this reduced format or will we see more editions of mini Golden Demons after this one?


Are you in favour or against the mini Golden Demons? Do you think giving a Slayersword on these reduced Golden Demon editions is a good idea? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments below!

More information about Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day, here.

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  1. Con el precio del evento, el de viajar, el alojamiento…estos mini eventos se quedan en eso, mini eventos casi exclusivamente nacionales y de poco calado…no puedo creerme que estos les salgan rentables pero los golden de ciertos países no.

  2. Having been to a couple of the mini demons I think they are a nice idea as long as they are tied to another event like this as it gives you something to do during they day. I appreciate though that for a lot of the European painters to travel from Eurpoe to a smaller event like this is not financially practical given the other events on the calendar such as Monte or SMC.

    As for the sword, I would have preferred they handed out a themed plaque, something unique to the subject. It’s not that the winners of the two I attended were not worthy contenders, I just think something like the forge world best of show plaque but themed to the event would be more unique.

  3. i think the mini demon events are cool thing. creating a different price would be good idea.
    handing over a sword in those events is great for those winning it. but i think it lessens the value of a real slayer sword won on a regular demon event.

    it would be great to have, at least, such contest on the continent. as i think its very unrealistic to have proper Warhammer Fests outside the Uk…

  4. Having painting contests is cool, but giving out a slayer sword every couple of months really devalues it. I would reclassify both the sword and the individual awards. Winning a Golden Demon at an international, annual contest is a true badge of honor. Winning one at and event with 6 entries from people who happen to be local to Nottingham UK is less so. So contests, yes. Awards, yes. But you still need a best of the best competition.

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