Do Not Miss 2016 Week 23


Jason showed the painting of the face in this bust quite some time ago, and it was absolutely mind blowing. Now we can see the full piece, and it really is something else. What a paintjob!!!

Enrique is painting one Space Marine per month this year. He has completed five of them already, and they look absolutely awesome. This is so inspiring!

Wonderful article from David Powell that will give you an insight on how he understands OSL painting. You really need to read this! Very instructive. From

Romain’s very personal style fits perfectly on this wonderful interpretation of Don Quixote, this time as a new release from Nuts Planet.

What a wonderfully detailed sculpture, once again by Daniel Bel, of this famous Marvel character. Soon to have his own movie!

Because of the workshops that Kirill hosted last year, many of us have this bust still in process. Raffa managed to finish it and showed it this week.

Once again, the tandem Sergio Calvo and Joaquín Palacios, and once again, a barbarian. Interesting take on the painting by Sergio, the contrast is a bit too exagerated in my opinion between the barbarian and the lady, as if both miniatures where not in the same place.

We never miss Massive Voodoo’s tutorials! This time, get into Roman’s mind while he creates this miniature, named after the legendary Italian plinth maker. If you have the chance to see him at any miniature convention, check out the resemblance!

In this article in Rafa Coll’s blog we can see the box art by Pepa Saavedra of this bust from Kabuki models. Pepa really excels when it comes to female busts, and this is no exception!

The Khorne miniatures that we can find in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar introductory box are absolutely magnificent. Mörback shows us what he has done by converting them into these pit fighters, in Le Blog dé Kouzes.

Very nice and interesting take on the Papa Jambo bust by Arnau Lázaro. This one and other miniatures painted by the “Pintor de Miniaturas” team, in this link.

Fabrizio created this piece as a tribute to the great Muhammad Ali, considered by many the greatest boxer of all time. This tribute is now more up to date than ever these days, since the boxer died very recently.

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