Do Not Miss 2020 Week 41


An exquisite exercise of lighting under a tree, majestic.

Outstanding version of the bust by Pedro Fernández Works.

Second version of Heimdall, the model from ZabaArt.

Digitally sculpted by Iván Santurio.

Sculpted for Cult of Paint.

The ultra smooth style of Steve works wonders on all Infinity models. This is no exception.

The inquisitor from Warhammer 40k painted in the very own ultrasmooth style of Flameon, even managing a quite convincing SENMM style.

These fiends look amazing with simple and heavy contrast.

Roman’s version on commission of this old classic from the Ilyad Games range.

Big historical diorama of a tavern in the XVII century.

Nostalgia in its purest form, painted by Sergio Luque.

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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