Golden Demon plans for the 2016-2017 season


Games Workshop has just unveiled today its plans for the next 12 months regarding the Golden Demon contest. Seems like they are going to stick to the strategy of holding various mini Golden Demons throughout the year and one big Classic to round it up.

The first mini event: ‘Golden Demon: Warhammer‘, in August 2016.

Golden Demon

The second mini event: ‘Golden Demon: Enemies of the Imperium’, in November 2016.

Golden Demon

The third mini event: ‘Golden Demon: Horus Heresy’, in February 2017.

Golden DemonAnd finally, the one we are most used to: ‘Golden Demon: Classic’, in May 2017.

Golden Demon

Good news to have official confirmation a year in advance that the Classic will take place in May during the Warhammer Fest. Seems as though Games Workshop did not have trouble booking the venue in advance! Or at least they are committing to do it!

It still troubles me that the mini events give away a Slayersword. I am happy to see the mini events in the calendar because I think the new format can be appealing to a lot of GW fans, and it is certainly better to have these than just one big contest and that’s it. However, by giving away the Slayersword, I think the recognition that is supposed to be attributed to this legendary grand prize, is reduced by comparing it to the Classic one.


Why not give a plaque like they do in the Open category of the Classic format? Or a different statue, like the busts from Games Workshop local contests or events they used to give back in the day. It would still be something especial and not comparable to the Slayersword, in my opinion.

Find all the information about all the contest flavours in the Warhammer World website.

What do you think? Are you happy with the plans for the next season of Golden Demon?

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  1. Completely agree with you about the others watering down the Classic event Slayer Sword grand prize. They must have got a deal on buy 10 slayer swords get 10 more at half price or something ? It’s a shame they can’t as you suggest make a stature or something that is specific to the mini demon event.

  2. Good to see they have planned them
    Out. Hopefully I can go to classic next year as couldn’t go this year, and the mini SM one last year was very frustrating given some judgments made.

    • The mini SM GD had the same judge as the the 2016 big gd classic.. Darren Latham. He’s basically been the head judge longer than any one else in Golden Demon history… he knows what he’s doing. 😉

      • Was Darren the only judge? I don’t know about GD Space Marines but in the Classic this year I saw at least Anja Wettergren and Alan Merret in the judging panel.

        • Alan Merrett and I think Chris Innes were judging that one with Darren.

          I would also prefer that they wouldn’t hand out slayer swords at these mini events, but it’s up to them what they do with their own competitions! Maybe they think it improves attendance or something…

  3. I agree about not awarding swords at the mini events. How about a dagger or short-sword? The winner could also go into the final round of judging for the sword at the ‘Classic’ main GD.

    That said, Gareth’s pile of Marines was worthy of a sword at the big event.

    However, with that Sword still high on my wish list, I wouldn’t feel like I’d really achieved my goal if I won a sword at a mini event. How do others feel? It’s a tricky one and perhaps I’m just an old traditionalist?

    • I agree with you Mark. I also consider that Gareth’s diorama was a worthy winner of any classic Golden Demon contest, but still, I do not like the Slayersword awarded at the mini events as you say. The contests are not comparable in my opinion!


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