Do Not Miss 2016 Week 50


Lucas Pina and Ben Komets team up on this great bust based on the concept art by Felideus Bubastis.

The awesome sculpting work from Lucas Pina on ‘Wizard of Agni’ also deserves an article of its own.

The design and sculpture of this miniature is a true work of art. We love it.

Amazing bust from Pedro Fernández, painted beautifully by MayArt.

Super instructive and interesting article on how Thor Intararangson painted this Orruk Megaboss.

Luis did an outstanding job on this Anakin Skywalker, it really feels like a true lightsaber with that painting!

Ki-Yeol Yoon paints this Nuts Planet bust in quite a Manga style.

A great article by Roman Lappat on his painting of this converted Barbarian from the Silver Tower set by Games Workshop.

Leonardo beautifully sculpts this Rat Ogre for the Blood Bowl Skaven team by Willy Miniatures.

A new barbarian sculpted and designed by Laslo Forgach and painted by Sergio Calvo.

We love the idea of using the door of the hobbit hole as the background for the ‘Find Your Journey’ bust from Midnight Miniatures.

A miniature sculpted for Mierce miniatures in 32mm.

The big bust from LeBen Models, sculpted by Allan Carrasco, painted by Jean Marc Brisset.

Trovarion’s very own Zombie Knight boxart.

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