Do Not Miss 2016 Week 52


Terrible Kids Stuff has just teased us with this incredible sculpture by Andrea Jula on the very well known artwork by Brom. Remember the Magic: The Gathering card?

This is one of the things I love the most from Roman’s art. His ability to tell stories and change a setting with paint. With great creativity and painting, he transformed the orc from Hera Models into a Strigoi. No putty involved!

Patrick never ceases to amaze with his incredible sculpting skills.

Iron Man, Sumurai and Patrick Masson, need we say more?

Cool colours and texturing by Andy Wardle on the bust modelled by Raúl García Latorre for Hera Models.

In depth article on the creation of this fantastic diorama by Luis ‘Fantasydemon’, in

Eureka minis has a lot of great tutorials lately. This one, by Daniel Guijarro, is on the painting of this interesting miniature from Nocturna Models.

Super instructive article on how lighting affects basic shapes to extrapolate to any other volume.

The alternative version for the latest release from Black Sailors – Big Child Creatives.

The painting by Sergio on one of the latest releases by Black Sun Miniatures.

This dwarf painted by Zwo will be the object of some videotutorials in Spanish that he is preparing on Patreon.

The overall lighting effect on this diorama is quite interesting.

The third release of Kimera Models, the new fantasy company powered by Pegaso Models. Sculpted by Alexei Popovici and painted by Francesco Farabi.

The beginning of a promising tutorial on the painting of this historical bust, in Chestnut Ink blog.

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