Do Not Miss 2017 Week 17


“Marcus”, another outstanding creation from Freeman, sculpted for Black Sun Miniatures in Super Sculpey and Fimo, 75mm.

Michal is probably one of the painters with the best technique of the moment. This Space Marine is a marvel of smoothness and clean gradients.

Impressive work and muted palette in the bust sculpted by Raúl García Latorre for Black Crow Miniatures.

Ken makes good use of the surfaces in this bust and creates this version of an aged Superman.

Here are some more Dragyiri sculpted by Patrick for the game Dark Age.

A tribute sculpture to Evangelion, by the concept sculpture genius Simon Lee (Spiderzero).

Joaquín makes sculpting seem easy, just like in this video showing how the applies the putty to create hair blowing in the wind.

If you want to paint the ‘Eavy Metal way, you definitely need to follow Darren’s guides.

Remarkable use of non metallic metals and textures, explained in detail in the blog Serpentarium.

Marina definitely loves her Kingdom Death minis. This is such a nice design and concept, irresistible!

The Lord of the Rings range was recovered by Forgeworld, and it seems there are some pretty cool things coming from them, like this dwarven chariot.

Very thorough article on how to paint this little diorama with an interesting game of contrasting colours.

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