Do Not Miss 2017 Week 19


Allan never lets anyone down. This is another of those incredible hybrid creatures created by the French Master. With a photographic step by step in the link too!

Wonderful painting by Arnau on the miniature sculpted by Joaquín Palacios for Black Sun Miniatures.

Such a cool painting by Roman Gruba. We love the contrasting colours effect.

Seems like Raúl is getting the hang of dwarven characters. This is a new bust he just finished up.

Extraordinary creation for any Thousand Sons army by Matt Di Pietro.

This miniature by Marrow Productions from the range ‘Journey’ was painted some time ago by Roman Lappat. Here are some pics of the mini painted and also unpainted.

Some of Flameon’s latest creations, in all their glory. His very characteristic style works wonders on these miniatures.

Kharn is the last mini Flameon finished, so it’s also on show today.

A bit of thinking out of the box (or ball in this case) and there you have, a Pokemon adventurer out of a Snorlax.

Very instructive article where Kristian explains how we tackled the painting on this small scene, in the website.

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