Do Not Miss 2017 Week 51


Chieftain Dralk, Nutsplanet

Sculpted by Jun Sik Ahn, painted by Kirill Kanaev.

Warbands 2017 by Les Kouzes

Some of the most amazing warbands you will ever be able to see. Such talent shown here!

Great Unclean One, Games Workshop

In this 2017 Christmas, Father Nurgle brings us a great new kit for the Great Unclean One.

Pria, Black Veil Models

Sculpted by Juan M. Puerta, painted by Marc Masclans.

King of Goblins WIP by Lucas Pina

The usual step by step photo process by Lucas Pina, about the making of the King of Goblins bust.

Esthel Tutorial by Redav

Extraordinary article in great format about the painting of this magnificent bust by Redav.

Batman by Gautier Giroud

Impressive sculpt, uniquely made for a private collector, based on the comic by Tony Daniel and Grant Morrison.

Warriors of the Um’Kator Tribe by Patrick Masson

The first sculpts shared by Patrick made for HATE: the Boardgame.

Crooks of London by Matthieu Roèche

Incredible paintjob on this miniature from the line inspired by Jean Baptiste Monge’s crations.

Wraith, Black Crow Miniatures by David Arroba

Box art version of this Black Crow Miniatures model.

Aenor Elf Prince, Black Crow Miniatures by David Arroba

Box art version of this Black Crow Miniatures model.

Painting worn leather by David Soper

Interesting article on painting worn leather on the bust C-Girl Akito.

Operation Valkyrie by Roman Gruba

Bust from the catalogue of Young Miniatures representing Tom Cruise in the role of Claus Von Stauffenberg.

Khaarzul the Ravager by Roman Lappat

Very nice painting of this dragon bust, with a very recognizable style by Roman Lappat.

Nurse stockings step by step by Ringil

Marina shows us a quick photoprocess on painting stockings on a Kingdom Death miniature.

Skin tone step by step by Ringil

Yet another quick photoprocess by Marina, this time on painting skin tones on a Kingdom Death miniature.

Space Wolf by Emuse

Just a simple Space Wolf Terminator by Enrique Velasco, just like that.

Making the most of your painting time by Tyler Mengel

Just 4 very useful tips to get motivation and get the most out of your time to paint minis.

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