The reasons why there are no new miniatures by Volomir lately


What’s wrong with you Volomir?

Why haven’t you brought anything to Monte San Savino?

Are you not painting anymore?

These are questions I’ve been hearing a lot lately. It’s quite understandable being ages since the last time I showed anything new, or participated in any contest. Many people ask me: have you quit painting?


The truth is I HAVE NOT QUIT painting. Quite the contrary. In this moment and more than ever, I have terrible desires to work on projects and show new stuff, enter into competitions and enjoy every moment of it. The problem is that I currently have no studio or workplace to do so!

Some months ago we started the messy task of renovating our home (remember ‘Casa de Citas’?). This new project is something very ambitious that has completely ripped my world apart and has basically prevented me from having a place to paint. All my old studio is now in boxes, waiting for that day in which the renovation works are over and I can return to normal activity.


OK, so you can’t do anything now because you don’t have a place to do it and everything you own is stored inside carboard boxes. But what about before you started the renovation/move?

These last two years I haven’t been idle. I’ve been very busy taking care of the rest of the things in life that are not miniature related. I did have time for some modelling, but sadly I did not finish anything. I have not concentrated on one project strongly enough so I have jumped from one to another quite chaotically. I would start something and soon something else would peak my interest and I would leave it for something else. This is something that I personally do not recommend at all. These have been months where the path was unclear to me and I spent a lot of time in other stuff. I worked a lot on the renovation of the new website we launched earlier this year. I participated in the organization of events and initiatives of the community. In the end I could not spend enough time and have the necessary motivation to complete any project.

I wanted to say this also to serve as some kind of reprimand to myself. Starting 2017 things are going to change. With the new studio ready, with ‘Casa de Citas’ running full throttle, and with all the event season ahead of us, I am very excited for all these new projects that, planned or started, are waiting for me to put some time and effort into them. This will probably mean quite some activity for the website also, with step by step and work in progress articles, as well as new things we are preparing to indulge you. Also, ‘Casa de Citas’ will be a new space where Volomir’s painting workshops will resume (for those of you asking about them, they are not forgotten, I assure you). In ‘Casa de Citas’ we will also develop one of my favourite aspects of miniature art, that is group painting, the best for me to enjoy the hobby. But for now, until renovation works are not completed, we must wait patiently.


Until then, I can just wish for a swift and productive completion of the renovation works!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


    • Thanks for your kind words Richard! I hope I can visit Cape Town the next time I travel to my beloved South Africa. Maybe sometime in 2017!!!

  1. These are almost the same problems I have. Starting one project then jumping to another, the lack of workspace and other life things getting in the way. I hope 2017 sees a big change. Look forward to seeing your work again.


    Sean Garbe

    • Still unsure about that… it’s a high investment for me now considering my situation. Will have to think about it very carefully.


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