A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 6 Order Alliance updates


The end has come! Let’s how the Warlords have behaved at the end of the campaign, let’s begin with the remaining Order guys:

Alliance Order Checkpoint 6


Against all odds, and practically with all the work practically finished…

Judging by the last Checkpoints, nobody would have said that Mitico was going to fail, but indeed he has. Another Kharadron who will be keelhauled…

Still today we wonder how this happened, with so little he had left!

Such a pity…



Our next Warlord is the greatest lover of all things old…

Mariano made it! His ancient Wood Elves are now in full colour (he doesn’t like that hipster term Wanderers, it’s not Old School at it should be).

Come on, come on, come on, come on

(Together) We will go our way
(Together) We will comeback someday
(Together) Fighting hand by hand
(Together) We will make our plans
(Together) We will fly so high
(Together) Tell all them here we go
(Together) We will start life new
(Together) This is what we’ll do

(Athel) Life is peaceful there
(Athel) In the open air
(Athel) Where the skies are blue
(Athel) This is what we’re gonna do

(Athel, Loren Loren, eh!)

(Together) We will love the woods
(Together) We will fight and win
(Together) Get your weapons on
(Together) We defend our home
(I know you) You will come with me
(I need you) How could you not came?
(So that’s why) You should stand up and fight
(When we go) To defeat all them

(Athel) Life is peaceful there
(Athel) In the open air
(Athel) Where the skies are blue
(Athel) This is our destiny
(Athel) The Sun will defeat the cold
(Athel) We will do for Ariel
(Athel) And for the King Orion
(Athel, this is what we’re gonna do)

There where the air is free
we’ll be (We’ll be) what we want to be
Now if we fight really hard
we’ll find (We’ll find) our promised land

(I know that) There is only way
(To be back) In the real world
(Together) We will find a place
(To settle) In our promised land
(Without rush) They’ll never see us come
(The hunger) To recover our land
(I know I’m) Ready to fighting for
(So that’s what) We are gonna do

(What we’re gonna do is
Athel Life is peaceful there
(Athel) There in the open air
(Athel) Where the skies are blue
(Athel) This is what we’re gonna do
(Life is peaceful there) Athel
(In the open air) Athel
(After kill all them) Athel
(This is our destiny)
Come on, come on, come on, come on

(Athel) Loren Loren, eh!
(Athel) We will feel just fine
(Athel) Where the skies are blue
(Athel) This is what we’re gonna do
(Come on, come on, come on, come on)
(Athel, Loren Loren, eh!)

All good things come to an end?

Yep, time to put an end to rushing things, to stress, to change shifts with the wife… but it has been worth it. However, is it really over? Nop, these elves are going to regain their place in the new world and I am going to continue painting so they become invincible. I already have new units ready to paint… Non Stop.

The Secret Valley (what a great series!) has opened up to the new world and they are going to fight until they find their Athel Loren … Athel, Loren Loren eh !; Athel, Loren Loren, eh! (All together!)….

Congratulations Mariano!

Looks like it’s time for you now to paint something from this century.


It was kind of an open secret…

Sadly Volomir was not up to the task and has fallen to the shadow. His ambitions were too big for the time he had in the last 3 months and he did not plan accordingly.

Can someone be as sad as being the one pushing everyone into this challenge and then fail himself?

I don’t think so!

This campaign has been one of the most fun and productive things I have ever done as a miniature modeller. We have united great friends with great challenges and the experience has been very positive. The mistake? Bad planning and unbalanced ambition. One has to be realistic and know what can be done and when.

Lessons learnt that will be very useful for a future… not so distant…

PS: The conversions for the phoenix and the griffon have been started… I’m sure that they will be finished, when the time is right for them… as with everything in life…


The king of the small people made it!

Congratulations Gryndal!

Hello everyone. It’s a pleasure to be back.

Unfortunately, last month I could not write anything here, and I did not have time to prepare a tutorial on beard painting. I hope that Volomir will let me in the future present more of my dwarves so that I can show you more things.

Today, if you allow me, I’m going to become a little sentimental. For me it has been 6 strenuous months. I have experienced complicated moments on a personal level and on a professional work level and my life has changed in many aspects, and yet, 6 months later, I am here, totally amazed at the perseverance, dedication and tenacity I can show when I challenge myself. For me, it is something incredible to be able to contemplate my army together, to be able to keep these painted dwarves who have been with me for more than 10 years. It has been an unparalleled experience, so I would like to dedicate a few words to all those who have accompanied me on the trip:

Mr. X, nothing more than to say that I believe that Order lost its best paladin with your departure. We are left with the desire to see more of those Sigmarines 😉

Paloji, I think you infuriated me so much when you abandoned the campaign that you gave me the strength not to give up against so many beards. I hope you find the motivation you missed in some other of your big projects.

Berek, you’re a sucker. In the end you have been the surprise and you have surprised us all. I’m glad and I hope you keep painting and share it.

Lucas, it’s been a pleasure to share this with you. You have taught us incredible things, and you have been patient with all our questions. I know you will end your orcs someday, I hope you will share it with us.

Phobos, set to fall in the Realms of the Warp, I hope you do it by worshiping Slaneesh instead of Tzeench, that’s why lust, pleasure and so on … Sometimes falling serves to rest and find the motivation to get up again.

Armando, I think you have achieved a magnificent army, and for me one of the winners, if only because of the stress of the last few months. I envy your army, Khorne will be proud.

Mitico, I do not know how you’ve had the patience to put up with everyone with the technical questions about the game, and also, paint yourself 4 armies in parallel. It’s normal that the Karhadrons do not fill you up, the dwarves really keep our feet on the ground. Thanks for the help.

Mommel, you could have rushed a little less with the deadlines … I am convinced that “Il Maestro” has been worth the final sacrifice.

Javi, for the next, try to give us something more to talk about, and I’m still waiting for your 2000 points;) Enjoy this army, not often you get something like that. Now only one final brooch is missing …

Mariano, thanks for all the help in finding material and in oldhammer orientation. You know what I think of your minis, it is incomparable to have such an army. I hope you enjoy it very much with Pablo.

Nor, the man in the shadow of all this. I could say something to get revenge on the picture you used as avatar for me, but I prefer to say that I enjoyed your orcs, and I hope to see them in the Armies on Parade. Thanks for all the work you have done.

Volomir, as we have already talked, I think this has been the best thing the group has ever done. An unforgettable experience and one to be proud of. Thanks for the opportunity, especially because I entered late. Congratulations on the proposal and the effort to carry it out. See you next time 😉

Regarding my army, you can see the photos here. I think they speak for themselves. I made a small change, and instead of adding a current Warden King, I added an old one with the standard bearer of that command group. They are actually extra points so I have not made any change. I hope you like it and continue to support the initiative.

Well done Gryndal!

You have now earned the right to paint something with knees. Congratulations!

To sum up Order, there were 4 Warlords left and only 2 made it to the end.

Mitico and Volomir join the shameful ranks of the already fallen Mr. X and Paloji and their failures will pass on to history as the Tale of the 12+1 that the bards will sing for centuries.

What do you think of the magnificent quests of Mariano y Gryndal? They are the candidates from the Order Alliance to the title of Best Warlord in the Tale of 12+1 Warlords!

Soon we will tell you what happened to the rest of the Warlords and you will be able to choose your favourite. Stay tuned!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!



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