The Warmasters’ Crusade – Allies – Checkpoint 3


The Allies have followed with great interest the development of the campaign. But they have also faced the hardness of the mission. So much, that in this Checkpoint 3 there have also been many who have not been able to fulfill their mission.

First, let’s remember who they are: the Allies are generals and painters from all over the world who, inspired by the Warmasters in their Crusade, have joined the cause and are going to paint an army of 1000 Warhammer 40k points in 6 months.

Although there were many at the beginning, only a few have managed to get to this point. We are going to pay tribute to the courageous ones that continue the fight:

Arsies is also posting lots of pictures of these minis while working on them. Follow him on these links so far:

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