The Warmasters’ Crusade – Imperium Checkpoint 2


We are quite late this month bringing you the updates of the campaign. Several very life changing personal events happening to people in the team are to blame! However, we didn’t want to put Checkpoint 2 off any longer, so here you go, a fast summary of how things are going by for the Imperium guys:

Imperium Checkpoint 2

Let’s review in order of completed points so far:

Winterland – Space Wolves

No changes to Winterland‘s roster as he moves on to lead the front of the Imperium lines. Huge progress reported!

This checkpoint I’ve been a little lazy and I haven’t prepared any tutorial for you, but I hope that the next ones I can show you something interesting about the painting of these Space Wolves.

I did make quite some progress with the painting but I still need to finish the bases and some details.

I managed to get myself some new minis that may possibly mean that I change a bit the roster from now on…

Funny he says he’s been lazy and brings us no tutorials… he’s already done way more than what many Warmasters are reporting for the Checkpoint 2!

Nor – Imperial Knights


Since Nor‘s roster is incredibly generous pointswise, he can do the 1,000 point mark by just priming up those 5 Knights. It would be a shame to have to witness that… but… wait… that’s exactly what he’s doing!

It’s been a vcomplicated couple of months both personally and professionally, so I have made little progress… However, as the overall points count of my list is much higher than what was initially established, so I am meeting deadlines 😀

After this shameful episode of the red priming… “Kelly’s heroes” story continues:

He had blue skin and hair, the same color as his eyes, and when he spoke he looked like an Archon transmitting the word of the ancient gods.

But that had been in the past. Now he was bald and wrinkled, his face full of hardened violet stains, and his gaze had lost that just and peculiar fearsome halo that characterized him.

However, the Imperial Knight, “Otello”, was still imposing. The iron Behemoth, rusted and scarred, provided a good shade for “BigBalls” while he was eating an improvised pout, on the surface of this jungle planet: Caxtor III.

Fabian had asked to spend his last days like the old Indians of Terra. It would be abandoned to enjoy one last fight, so that it reached the beyond submerged in a shower of mycetic spores, … and what came next.

Hours later it began. Points of light gleamed in the night, bio-ships flooded the blackness, and a golden-white rainbow began to tighten on the gray horizon, occupying hundreds of miles above its head.

It was a great show … only interrupted by his daughter, Major Rickles, “Little Mary.” Mary Rickles from Marua! He shouted angrily.

The insistent ping of the communicator forced him to take it. First he launched a few insults and curses (he had to keep the ‘autoritas paterna’ even in the last moments), but soon he fell silent, to focus attention on what his daughter was saying. I could not believe it, it was a message from Kelly …

At daybreak, a giant assault cruiser completely blocked the sun in front of him. A deafening, deep and mechanical roar broke the stillness of the jungle.

“The grim reaper” came to pick him up.

BigBalls and Little Mary had a new mission.

Phobos – Space Wolves

Unstoppable this campaign, Phobos reports perfect progress. This will make Leman Russ very proud!

This month I continued with my particular struggle with Finecast. The Canis miniature has areas like the face or the medallions that were especially difficult to solve, but I am quite proud of the final result. With respect to the previous Checkpoint, I finished Harald’s base adding the classic snow and it is precisely the base that I still need to complete to finish Canis, that and some scratches forcing me out of my comfort zone at the risk of ruining some areas. Anyway, in what lies ahead before the cut, there is no more Finecast so the sun will be shining for me from now on.

Phobos against Finecast. Who will win?

Armando – Black Templars / Custodes / Ministorum

Armando suddenly had his progress stalled and reports no further work on his army. We were very spoiled because of his great work on the AoS campaign, this is the first time we get a zero progress from Armando! Let’s hope he doesn’t continue this path… Checkpoint 3 awaits!

Santi – Custodes

Santi continues the quest, slowly but surely. He runs a little bit behind schedule but we are confident he will prevail!

After a few weeks not being able to paint because of work, I have been able to resume the painting to the fullest. I have finished a Custode and its base (although it is not yet glued to it) and with that I completely defined the color scheme to use.

Once that has been done, my efforts have focused on Trajan Valoris. I’m trying to paint it with a high quality and because of that, I have not managed to finish it in time for the Checkpoint, but it’s finished around 75%, in the next few days I’ll finish the gold and throw it to get on top with the other 5 remaining Custodes to get to Checkpoint 3 with everything painted.

There is only one month left for the elimination checkpoint, so I will bring on my best not to fail.

For the Emperor!

Javi – Blood Angels

The “Herrerus Interruptus” continues with Javi, but this month it gets worse. No progress or update reported!

Things are starting to look very bad for his Blood Angels…

Volomir – Kriegs / Astartes

Volomir’s progress this month is very disappointing. Only a miracle can save the fate of his Death Korps that are very rapidly sinking to the bottom line of the Imperium front…

This month I planned to put a lot more work into the Kriegs, but I obviously overestimated the time I would have available, as well as underestimated the time I would need to paint, despite using serial painting techniques which should make everything faster.

I did however complete the priming and preparation of all models, of nearly 700 points, that I will be painting serially. And I also did a colour test for the scheme:

The idea is to use huge contrast between blue robes and red scorched earth in the bases. If I have time I am planning to add some Astartes to the roster and they will probably be wearing some sort of blue armour too so that would be good to make them match the scheme of the Krieg soldiers.

Slow but steady. I am still confident that those reinforcements will arrive on time for Checkpoint 3…

Porta – Dark Angels

Porta continues with the vow for secrecy, and shares no information with the Crusade Supreme Council. No progress or photos have been disclosed, and things look very bad for him. It’s all either a huge secret or a huge lie! Checkpoint 3 is upon us so truth will be out no matter what…

This is all from the ranks of the Imperium, in the midst of Checkpoint 3, the dreaded one. The Enemies will soon report in for their Checkpoint 2 progress!

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